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Wheelchair hockey tournament “In memory of Enrico Marchetti”

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The first Enrico Marchetti Memorial, a national tournament organized by the Fiore di Loto Ets Association in collaboration with the Sea Wolf Wheelchair Hockey Asd under the auspices of the Municipality of Camaiore, takes place today in the Camaiore Sports Hall from 10.30 to about 16.30 and in the Pluriservizi Camaiore. A tournament in which four companies playing in the A1 and A2 hockey series will participate: the Tuscan companies Sea Wolf Wheelchair, as well as the “hosts”, Tuscan Wolves, Lombards Wolves Bareggio and Venetians Coco Loco Padova. An event that was born to become a classic in the panorama of the Paralympic discipline thanks to the growth of the movement in Versilia thanks to the Sea Wolf Wheelchair Association that has gained national fame with important results in the A2 series. A day also to get society to reflect on the values ​​of Paralympic activity and to encourage vulnerable individuals to approach sport as a tool for social inclusion and to improve the physical and mental well-being of all. “An amazing sports day – says Sea Wolf president Riccardo Federigi – to draw attention to the movement and to remember someone special and dear to us like Enrico Marchetti who gave so much to society.” “We are proud to be actively participating in this event – commented Sports Consultant Luca Mecchi -. Enrico gave his life for a noble cause: to ensure that sport, art and many other human practices become truly a means of social inclusion”.

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