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Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war | –

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From Josie Fasano, Marta Serafini, Paolo Foschi, editorial online

Thursday, July 21 news live.

• The war in Ukraine Al Qaeda Today 148.
• Washington: a bad idea for Iran to help Russia
Ukrainian First Lady Zelenska To the US Congress: We ask the US air defense systems to defend us from the Russians. Thanks for your help.
• Putin blames Canada: delay turbine for the European market.
• Washington: Russia is preparing for referendums to annex the occupied territories.
• Kyiv offers $100 to help find collaborators with Moscow.
• Zelensky appoints Vasyl Maliuk as the new interim head of the secret services and announces the dismissal of 28 other officials in the security service.

09:13 – New York Times: CEO Draghi collapses, severe blow to Italy and Europe

The national unity government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi has collapsed Which restored Italy’s credibility and influence. write it on The New York Times according to which Italy is now entering a new season of political chaos at a critical moment, While the European Union struggles to stay on a united front against Russia and revive its economies.

The newspaper writes that abandoning Draghi represents A severe blow to both Italy and Europe. And remember, the former head of the European Central Bank, who helped save the euro, used his statesmanship status to make Italy a brief stint as prime minister. Remembering how Draghi led Italy out of one of the worst days of the pandemic, secured and planned billions of euros in European recovery funds and was a key part of the exceptionally united European stance against Russian aggression against Ukraine, the New York Times wrote that, as usual, the period of progress, unity and influence quickly gave way. Italy’s growing international path of politics. The newspaper continues, that the October elections may bring to Italy a party-dominated government more in solidarity with Russian President Vladimir Putin and more hostile towards the European Union. According to the New York Times, the very strong advocacy of the upcoming elections for the competing parties is crucial. It underscores how the decisive blow to Draghi came not only from the Five Star Movement, but also from the League of Nations led by nationalist Matteo Salvini who struggled to distance himself from Putin. While the League has already entered the campaign trail, for the newspaper, the crisis turns on the Five Stars.

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07:40 – The Kremlin, Russia did not close the door to negotiations with Kyiv

There are opportunities for dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, and President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Serge Lavrov have talked about closing the door to negotiations. He said it this morning Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, To the RIA Novosti news agency.

Neither the president nor the minister has ever talked about closing the door to negotiations, Peskov said. Yesterday, Lavrov said that in the current situation, peace talks between Russia and Ukraine are meaningless, recalling that even the first round of negotiations held in Belarus revealed without any possibility of misunderstanding the unwillingness of the Ukrainian side to discuss everything seriously.

7:29 am – Lavrov: Russia wants more from Ukraine

(by Luca Angelini) – Russia wants more from Ukraine. Foreign Minister Lavrov himself says so: The geographic objectives of the special military operation have changed. Now it is no longer related only to the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, but also to the Kherson, Zaporizhzhya and other regions. This process continues steadily and stubbornly.

European Gas Plan EU countries should reduce gas demand by 15% by March 2023, according to the European Commission. For Italy, it is expected to cut 8.3 billion cubic meters. Brussels is also considering the possibility of the EU declaring a state of alert over supply security, and imposing a reduction in gas demand for all countries. Rate hike The European Central Bank today announced its first rate hike in ten years. Expect 0.25% but not exclude 0.50 due to 8.6% inflation in the Eurozone.

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05:13 – Kyiv: Moscow wants to store its entire military arsenal at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant

Russian forces have requested access to the engine rooms of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, where they intend to store their entire military arsenal: Energoatom, the state-owned company that oversees nuclear plants in Ukraine, announced, according to Ukrainska Pravda. Last Saturday, the head of Energoatom, Pedro Cotten, had already announced that Russia was using the Zaporizhzhia power plant – the largest in Europe – as a base for storing weapons, including missile systems.

03:43 AM – Strong explosions at night in Mykolaiv

Loud explosions in Mykolaiv. The city was once again heavily bombed: the mayor of the city in southwestern Ukraine, Oleksandr Senkevich, announced on Telegram. The city of Mykolaiv is located in the southwest of the country, near the Black Sea, the air alert went off a little after 3:00 local time (2:00 in Italy) and lasted 40 minutes.

03:19 am – The European Union has confirmed the fifth batch of military aid to Ukraine: 500 million

The European Union has confirmed the fifth tranche, amounting to 500 million euros, of military aid to Ukraine: the High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, announced in a tweet on Twitter. I attended the meeting of the Ministerial Contact Group on Defense in Ukraine. The European Union member states have decided to mobilize the fifth batch of military assistance amounting to 500 million euros to increase support for the Ukrainian armed forces. Borrell writes that the EU remains focused and steadfast in its support for Ukraine, along with the partners. The agreement for the new tranche was reached last Tuesday at the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels.

00:30 – CIA: 15,000 Russians killed in the war in Ukraine

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China remains convinced that it wants to use force against Taiwan and that the war in Ukraine does not deter it. Convinced by the head of the CIA, William Burns. Our feeling that China wasn’t “yes” invaded Taiwan but when that first guy in the agency said that speaking at the Aspen Security Forum, Colorado. Burns then estimated that Russian casualties in the war in Ukraine so far amount to about 15,000 casualties and about 45,000 wounded. So a large number.

00:15 – attack by drones from Kyiv on the Zaporizhzhya power station

Ukrainian drones hit a nuclear power plant Zaporizhia. This was announced by the city’s press office Innerhodar Agency RIA Novosti. According to the city administration, the Ukrainian forces used several kamikaze drones, for a total of four attacks. Russian sources said that 11 wounded, four of them in serious condition.

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