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to Luigi Ippolito, reporter from London

The Prime Minister of London would like to support Zelensky personally. It is critical that Putin fails. Britain was the European country that supplied Ukraine with the most weapons, and the British army trained the Kyiv army

Boris Johnson think of one Possible to visit lightning in Kyiv To offer his solidarity with Ukrainian President Zelensky: British Prime Minister asked his staff to check Travel details and the security implicationseven if you were The intelligence services would be very nervous about that the potential risks.

However, Boris seems to be very assertive: I have a strong desire to support Zelensky in any way possible – said the Sunday times -. I don’t know if this is a useful method, but it is of enormous strategic, political, economic and moral importance. Putin failed and Zelensky won.

Last week, heads of government Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic traveled to Kyiv by train as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine And Johnson clearly does not want to be outdone: on the other hand, the British prime minister now talks almost every day with Zelensky and has become the most popular politician in Ukraine after their president. the reason is: Great Britain is the European country that supplied Ukraine with the largest amount of weaponsEspecially lethal anti-tank missiles that kill Russian tanks and air defense systems that until now have denied Moscow’s superiority in the air. Months before the war, hundreds of British military instructors trained the Kyiv army: And now ex-soldiers and former members of the special forces in London are the largest contingent, along with the Americans, among the foreign volunteers who came to defend Ukraine.

In the British political world, from government to opposition, there is no doubt or discrimination about the need to arm Kyiv: and no one disputes Johnson’s view that Putin must fail and he must be seen as a failure. Even in public opinion, which is compactly on the side of the Ukrainians, there are no false peaceful temptations.

Finally, the British government said it was ready to act as a guarantor of Kyiv’s security in the context of a possible peace agreement (About the possibility of this happening, however, in London they remain completely skeptical.) Diplomatic political activity is also explained by the desire to prove that London, after Brexit, is able to implement an independent foreign policy that is more consistent than that of the European Union.

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