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Ukraine – Russia's war, today's news. The European Union has a $20 billion standby plan for Kiev

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Newsweek: F-16s may already be available in Kiev

Are F-16s already in Ukraine? The aircraft promised to Kiev by the Western alliance could already be available to the Ukrainian armed forces. This is the hypothesis that the American magazine says Newsweek It is being relaunched on the basis of information obtained after the latest developments in the war with Russia, which began in February 2022. Rumors are spreading after a series of news that did not go unnoticed: in recent weeks, Kiev announced that it had shot down the plane. A series of Russian fighter planes – there will be at least 8 since December 5 – and just over 24 hours ago managed to hit the Novocherkassk ship anchored in the waters of Fedosia, on the Crimean peninsula. In the absence of official announcements and confirmations. Newsweek 'Connecting the dots'.
Western allies have been promising F-16s, American-made aircraft, for months. However, no specific delivery dates for the devices have been set. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has long highlighted the importance of confronting Russia even in the sky, to ensure greater defenses and more effective attacks.
In recent days, F-16s have also been a fixture in messages posted by pro-Russian accounts and channels on the Telegram app, which have referenced the use of the aircraft. From Kiev, there is no official confirmation. NewsweekMeanwhile, I knocked on an American source.
Answer: Ukraine has likely received the first promised aircraft. On December 22, Zelensky referred generally to “preparations” for the shipment of F-16s by the Netherlands, which had promised a package of 18 aircraft. In several countries besides the USA, including the UK and Romania, Ukrainian pilots have been welcomed for training: the F-16s are different from the aircraft that were at the disposal of the Kiev Air Force, and it is likely that the aircraft will be equipped also adapted to the needs of the pilots. .
For Kiev, it is clear that the fighters could mark a turning point in a particularly complex phase of the war. The counterattack did not achieve the results Zelensky had hoped for, as Russia is able to send thousands of men to the front and is particularly pressing along the Eastern Front, where it recently took control of Marinka, a now-defunct city. It turned into a pile of rubble.

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