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U14 Junior Regionals: Space Talent-Almese 1-2-

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One decisive two in the first half

Scorers: 16′ pt Spinapolice (A), 28′ pt Pautasso (A), 15′ st Barberis (S)

Talent Space (4-2-3-1): Bonamico 7, Cesale 6 (24′ st Sacchi sv), Curea 6, Pinzuti 6, Pileci 6, Barberis 7, Costea 6, Stasi 6 (7′ st Clames 6), Russo 6 (11′ st Ciucci 6), Dardo 6 (31 ‘st Piroscia sv), Prykhodko 5,5 A Available: Ravazzani, Ckuks, Gabriel All: Navalenca

Month (3-3-4): Giuliano 6.5, Mangione 6.5 (7′ st Morabito 6), Olivero 6.5, Lagan 7, Tullio 6.5, Martoia 6.5, Massara 6.5, Spinapolice 7, Monastero 6.5, Perrotta 7, 5, Pautasso 7 All: Martoia

Rule: Turin family

Note: devices. Mangione (A) False Booked: Russo Ejection (S): Prykhodko (S), Spinapolice (A) Recovery: 1′ pt, 4′ st

The match between the hosts and Almis takes place at the Spazio Talent Stadium, and is valid for the twelfth day of Group A of the Under-14 Provincial Championship.

The first half was dominated by Messi, who kept the pitch well and didn’t give chances to the contracted Spazio Talent either. The guests made a strong start, and in the sixth minute they came close to scoring with Spinapolis, and the midfielder pressed the opposing goalkeeper and hit a powerful ball after Bonamiko’s goal kick was intercepted. The guys in the red jersey keep pushing and after a few minutes they get a dubious penalty for a push against Mangioni, the same number 2 appears from the penalty spot but Bonamico is hypnotized, good at guessing and deflecting a shot aimed at goal. The ball to the lower left corner corner. However, the goal was in the air and arrived in the 16th minute with a wonderful shot from outside the area by Spinapolis, which surprised Bonamiko.

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The hosts were unable to respond, El Mes continued to push and at the end of the first half they doubled down on Bautasso, who only had to push the ball into the net by Perrotta after a great personal effort from the left. So we rest 2-0 in favor of the visitors. The second half was a completely different match, Spazio Talent entered the field with a different spirit and from the first minutes he went on the offensive in search of the goal that would reopen the match. In the 14th minute, Barberis hit the crossbar with a free kick, and later turned his hand, the same Bianconeri captain shortened the distances after developing a corner kick, and put the ball into the net after a hit and hit. in the strictness zone. The goal revives Navalenka’s youth, who are pressing to find an equaliser. After a few minutes, there will be an opportunity to balance the dispute with the hosts, but the great intervention by Giuliano thwarts the threat and eliminates the dreams of the Bianconeri to restore the match, which ends with a score of 2-1 in favor of Almis.

Bunamiko 7: He saved a penalty and avoided worse problems for his team in the first half

Sisal 6: Perrotta’s containment is complicated, he’s trying too hard (from 24 ‘st sv bags)

Cure 6: Shows himself forward with some crowd

Pinzutti 6: Try to clear the defense

pile 6: A little uncertain in the first half, better in the second half

Rib 6: Try to shine a light in the attack of the dark with some interesting ideas

Slack 6: My fight but it doesn’t affect (from 7 ‘st Oysters 6: Brings dynamism to the team)

Russian 6: Makes for some good beaches guys (from 11th Street 6 pacifiers: Runs and fights for all the balls)

Dart 6: No room can be found in three quarters of Almese (from 31st ave Piroscia SV)

Prekhedko 5.5: True, one of the few creates something, but he pays for incorrect behavior, which leads him to direct expulsion

Julian 6.5: In the second half he is always ready when called upon

Big Binge 6.5: Wrong punishment doesn’t always frustrate him within the game (from vii Morabito 6: Adds physique and centimeters in attack)

Oliver 6.5: He is unparalleled in defense and shows himself in attack with constant interventions

Lagan 7: In the second half, he managed a coast-to-coast touchdown run to close in on Sunday’s goal

Tullius 6.5: Always a well positioned center on the pitch

Martoya 6.5: Adds quantity and substance in the center of the field

Massara 6.5: He makes himself dangerous with a few shots from the outside

Spinapolis 7: Crossing and delighting, he first scores an amazing goal from outside the area and then gets sent off

Abir 6.5: Save a goal already scored by stopping the striker at the time of the shot in the first half

Beiruta 7.5: He packs a chocolate for Pautasso’s goal and is impregnable on the left wing

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