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Bulldozers in the former consortium to make way for potential new construction. News

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Bulldozers are operating, these days, in the area of ​​the former agricultural consortium behind bars. The large area around the building owned by the Cassa Risparmio Carpi Foundation is being cleaned of scrubs and earth from tunnel pits under the tracks. to do what? We learned that the architect Carpi Massimo Barbi had been commissioned with a restoration plan for the entire sector, which would have been required to acquire, next to the old building of 3000,600 square metres, for its restoration and functional restoration, which is a special competition. , another new body of the building, separate from the old one, which will occupy part of the north, after demolishing a dilapidated building standing at that point. It will be a two-thousand-square-meter building, in which the destination of an auditorium is talked about. The entire intended uses system is in any case a matter of discussion between the technician and the senior management of the institution, who are committed to getting the consortium recovered in the future out of the fog in which the possibilities of its use have so far been covered.

Certainly, we think of the largely functional destinations of the nearby university, such as the library, the canteen, concentrated above all in the three warehouses in the southern part of the complex, near the entrance to the lower corridor and the plaza that will replace the existing bend of the elbow through the Corpolani. Basically, jobs are believed to certainly bind the union to the new university, but can also make it live a life of its own and in times when the university is closed. Not forgetting the idea from which it all began: to make the old abandoned building, once restored, an equipped space available for entrepreneurship initiatives by young people, especially within the network, similar to what was implemented in Reggio Emilia with Technopole and Innovation Park (in the picture), also obtained in the railroad environment, exactly in the former Regian workshops.

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