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Five-a-side football in Serie A2 – Svyatta, Ricordi goalkeeper says goodbye: goes to Dusun

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Enrico Ricordi

Mantova A few weeks ago we mentioned the possibility that goalkeeper Enrico Ricordi could leave Mantova in the midst of a summer revolution put in place by CEO Cristiano Rondelli alongside new star Pino Melilla, who recently returned to Sviatista to bring Virgilian’s side back. Strange to say, but that is the case. Ricordi, one of the first promotion champions in the Premier League by Mella, will not be part of the new Mantua. The official announcement arrived yesterday, and the player himself transmitted it through his Facebook page with a message addressed to Virgilian fans. «Wonderful, intense, unique years! Thanks to the Futsal Football Club of Mantova.” The first adventure in the city stopped after the first year of Serie A, and the break in Catania was not so lucky. Last summer, he returned to the banks of the Mincio to try to bring Savitesta back to Serie A, but the target unfortunately disappeared. Ricordi will go to defend the door of Came Dosson, where he will find another former Mantua, Di Guida.
Now Rondelli will have to look for a replacement. It will not be easy for two reasons: Ricordi is among the best goalkeepers in the region and an Italian will play in goal. And the tricolor market, with the new rules, is literally overwhelmed today. This year, Mantova will focus on a mix of young and experienced players. At the moment there are two kinds of certainty: the Gabriel detonator and the Teton. In the meantime, the club will have to complete the team’s registration process for the upcoming A2 Championship by July 10. There will be no surprises as far as Mantova is concerned, but many clubs seem to have a big problem.

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