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TURONE, the documentary film about wounded Romanians has been edited

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(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 23 – Ir Gol de Toron Ira Bono, in the hall from October 24 to 27, is not only the title of a documentary, but also the motto of a Roma fan and a resolute phrase considered: “Juventus there you screwed.” This is the meaning of this documentary, presented today by Francesco Miccchi and Lorenzo Rossi-Spanier at the Rome Festival in the Hall for three days thanks to the theatrical distribution Altre Storie. In the film there is a story of injustice, or presumably so, at the expense of Rome. On May 10, 1981, during the decisive match between Juventus and Roma for the Scudetto, Maurizio “Ramon” Toroni, Roma defender, scored a goal that the referee fired at the ball and immediately canceled it. A decision that shocked the team and Roma fans in those years and remained an “unsolved issue” of Italian football that later became legendary. What do you see in this Aurora movie production with Rai Cinema? Many archive photos, discussions at the time and testimonies of the players who were in the field, Toroni, Prandelli, Brozzo, Falcao and Marocino. And again, the final version of the referee Paolo Bergamo and his assistant Giuliano Sanchini, who made his gesture to cancel the goal. Then there are the exciting stories and anecdotes of the Giallorossi supporters: Paolo Calabresi, Enrico Vanzina, the founders of Commando Ultrà, the president of the Tifosi Romanisti Federation and those on the other side of the stands, such as JTV journalist Paolo Rossi and art critic and columnist Luca Beatriz. Also to enrich the entire scenes of movies and TV series, from HOLIDAYS IN AMERICA to BORIS, inspired by this goal. Roberto Bruzzo, former Roma player says: “For me, this is the always open wound that I carry inside. It bothers me to remember that episode that soothed me and that bothers me every time I watch it because it reminds me that there is something in you removed.” (Dealing).

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