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Have you seen Alessandro Ciani’s mother before? She is a very famous woman and I have seen her in many films

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Alessandro Ciani is one of the most famous comedians of the moment, but he is also the son of art, who inherited his passion for acting directly from his mother. Do you know who this is? You will hardly believe it.

he is One of the most loved and followed comedians at the momentbut at the same time Alessandro Ciani He’s also a kid in art. Indeed, in his veins is a great passion for cinema that his family certainly passed to him, which has always had to do with art.

Alessandro Ciani, Facebook source

It has come a long way to get to where it is now. Starting from the bottom up, he participated in regional programs as “Tamaro“Naples. Also thanks to his spontaneity and sympathy, he was able to get to where he is today and work with some sacred monsters in cinema like Christian de Sica.

Over the years he subsequently participated in films that are now considered classics of cinema such as “Welcome to the south“,”Welcome to the North” And the “Offensive Prince“. These are the films that emphasized the talents of Alessandro Ciani, both as a comedian and as an actor. He also recently tried to make TV shows.”stripping news‘, the funniest news in Italy.

It is clear that he owes all this success to himself and to him.”tin mess”, but also to those who, like his mother, always supported him by encouraging him in his choices.

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This is his mother

Nunzia Chiano, Facebook source

However, not everyone knows that Alessandro Ciani’s mother is also famous actress as you likeEspecially in Naples. she is Nunzia Xiano And sometimes we see her on the set with her son, and she plays his mother. It must have been natural for you to play this role!

Then we saw her recently in the movie.”Welcome to Esposito’s home“and in”The little girl who doesn’t want to sing‘, but in total co-bin The third movie.

She has become a stage actress since then indescribable talent, who has shown in many situations that he knows how to be comfortable on stage. Then he explained that he knows how to act not only in comedies, but also in more committed films such as “Indeed” And the “DogmanWritten by Mathieu Garron.

So they both belong to a beautiful family of artists who follow the traditions of the Neapolitan theater who were able to give the world such great talents as Eduardo Scarpetta and the Di Filippo brothers.

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