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PC Games: Gifts for Christmas 2022 dedicated to Master Race

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Still need to give an avid PC gamer a Christmas present? Here are some ideas to satisfy his cravings as a gamer with mouse and keyboard in his blood.

It’s time to write the letter and finally ask Santa Claus for the cuddly thing we desire: here it is for you The perfect gifts for PC gamers. The past two years, between component crises and skyrocketing prices, have put a strain on the patience and wallet of PC gamers. Many will abandon the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcreating a new hardware configuration or improving their construction, waiting for better times, which, unfortunately, do not seem to be near.

The Nvidia 3000 series has given way to increased prices for all components and bringing home a brand new computer is a titanic task. Or rather, rich. Still, the advent of new AMD cards and the 4000 series doesn’t seem to mitigate a phenomenon that has firmly established itself and asking for a quote with new entrants may cause the faint of heart. However, the lucky owners of these enviable GPUs can enjoy the best performance ever and play even the most demanding titles at maximum resolution and frame rate.

Therefore, the list of Christmas gifts for 2022 for PC gamers will not see the RTX4090 appearing among the recommendations, but useful accessories to be able to fully enjoy your gaming sessions, whatever your configuration. (Warning: Not all items on this list are suitable for the faint of heart, check the price just in case.)

RGB gaming chair

We can say, without fear of being proven wrong, that PC gamers know how to be demanding when it comes to their workstation but a laptop or desktop computer is nothing if it is not accompanied by a comfortable seat where they stay for hours. As with every product we offer below, you will be spoiled for choice, so we offer you an option that is a little different than usual like this one. Confidence chair with RGB lightingmore exotic but undoubtedly with a unique aesthetic.

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RGB keyboard

The keyboard is an essential component for computer gamers, not only for its ergonomics but also for the high responsiveness required to play in competitive scenarios, for example. Being high is often also the price, but fortunately the options for mechanical keyboards are plenty. So we feel comfortable recommending it to you RGB keyboard HyperX Alloy Origins Core, clear with RGB lighting, is currently on offer at a solid discount to the list price.

laptop mouse

To complete your workstation at 360 degrees, a nice XXL mat with RGB lighting can’t be missing, to make your gaming corner about to explode supernova. We specifically recommend this for its good price and for the useful addition of built-in wireless charging, for recharging your smartphone comfortably next to you.

gaming headphones

As with the keyboard and chair, the gaming headphones The ones you can choose from are almost infinite and vary according to everyone’s needs. Our tip for Christmas falls on the HyperX Cloud II (also available in a wireless version), not exactly the newest entrant on the market but still among the best in its price range. Plus, 30% off this holiday period!

Cloud gaming subscriptions

Well, yes, as well as on the small screen, subscription services have also reached the world of video games. It has already been around for quite some time but has not expanded as much as in recent years and has made its offerings very attractive. Whether it is Game Pass on PC or Playstation Plus Premium to take advantage of Now, it doesn’t matter, giving the subscription is that gift that will please anyone.

Steam Gift Cards

A Steam Gift Card lasts forever
A Steam Gift Card lasts forever

On the other hand, if you are deeply hesitant about what to offer and fear that season tickets are not for you, you can choose Gift card at your preferred value. Since these are gifts for PC players, our advice can only be a digital card that can be exploited on Steam.

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Stream floors

Do you have a live streamer friend or someone who wants to try their hand at Twitch live broadcasting? Well, this Stream floors It may be for you. Available in several versions, from our most compact versions to more complex versions with more buttons to interact, this tool will be a valid live companion for an aspiring streamer or a veteran of hours.

led strips

It is now known that with a file RGB LED lighting Computer performance improves. Joking aside, having a very luminous gaming station has become more than just a fashion uniform and you will certainly have among your friends those who like to create synchronized and bright compositions of lights. If you do not want to spend a lot but still get an excellent result, you can opt for this version which can be configured comfortably from your smartphone.

Headset support

If you never know where to put your wireless headphones and often forget to recharge them, Trust has the right solution for you. Not only does this headphone stand keep your workstation tidy, but it also acts as a docking station so you don’t have to wait before you can use it. Of course there are LED lights and on top of that with the much-loved “breathing” animation.


We admit this tip can run across many budgets, but we can’t leave out one essential component of a PC workstation from this list. There is no need to stress that even in this case you are at a loss for your choice and before making such an important purchase you will have to carefully evaluate the technical specifications, so we will confine ourselves to recommending one of the best screens 2K like BenQ MOBIUZ.


Use Amplifiers Until recently, it could be linked exclusively to home televisions but many companies have moved on to be able to bring this sound system to computers as well. One foremost was Razer with its Leviathan V2 X, which falls short of the tops of other companies specializing in audio but is a good compromise between quality and price. Then it’s RGB!

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the mouse

Our list could not miss a tip for such a gift the mouse, the indispensable mouse to be able to play and enjoy multimedia content on our beloved PC. But obviously we are not going to offer you something frivolous and obvious but something completely original like a vertical mouse. It may not be the most suitable accessory for competitive play but its style and comfort are undeniable.


Are you indecisive about what to give and the only thing you know is that your gift recipient is spending endless hours on the computer? Make it one footrest! Don’t scoff at this choice because until you use it you won’t know what you’ve been missing. seeing is believing.


The microphone is also a valid product to give this Christmas, both for those who use it for live broadcasting and for those who don’t want their headphones to get in the way. Our pick goes to the excellent HyperX QuadCast S which, in addition to perfect sound cancellation, has a truly unique design. Otherwise you can choose solid and timeless blue yeti.


a webcams It’s always useful, whether it’s for boring online meetings with your boss or for showing off your best expressions live on Twitch or on your Youtube videos. The one we recommend is from Razer and also integrates light to make you look more beautiful with perfect lighting.


We close with a tip for all laptop owners looking for one back bag With which your computer can be protected and transported comfortably. Simple on the outside but roomy on the inside with convenient pockets to stash everything you need.

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