May 30, 2023

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These little creatures were “unknown” to science, but the truth was revealed

There are many “puzzles” that can be found in the depths of the ocean, Such ‘never-before-seen’ creatures by scientists who immediately aroused their curiosity. Full, shiny, pointed bodies in the strangest and most absurd shapes … What are these strange animals actually?

It is not a new species unknown to science, but simply Larvae of some shrimp in the deep sea It is found in the Gulf of Mexico. “Many species progress through a series of larval stages that often present strange shapes not recognizable by their adult counterparts.Heather Bracken Grissom, a marine scientist at Florida International University wrote.

These animals have been found at a depth of 1,500 meters below sea level and it is not the first time that these “larval stages” have been identified as a new species. “There are many cases where we have documented infancy or larval stages and have no idea what they look like as adults.Bracken-Grissom announced itself in 2012 after a similar discovery (by the way, what is this strange shrimp found in Arizona?).

The study’s authors, Bracken Grissom and graduate student Carlos Varela, have She analyzed the DNA of 14 ‘unknown’ species.. “For many groups, larval descriptions are missing or absent, so this study represents a first step for many to enhance the diversity of deep-sea larvals.‘, say the experts.

Insiders were able to match each larval form with its adult counterpart, an important link for Understand where shrimp live in the deep sea and other crustaceans in different stages of life. Shrimp are also found at the deepest point on Earth, where they use aluminum for living.

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