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Travel to Canada: How to Get an eTA e-Visa

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Everything you need to know about Canada, eTA certificate and how to apply

After the mandatory travel ban due to the pandemic, many people are planning a big trip in the coming months. The end of restrictions, and why not, allows many tourists to plan vacations in places they have never visited before, saving some money during mandatory lockdowns.

Among the most talked-about destinations at the moment is certainly Canada, where two famous Italians have recently arrived: let’s talk about that. Champions of Europe Lorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi are both protagonists in MLS with a Toronto shirt.

The former Juventus player immediately settled in well in one of Canada’s major cities, the capital of the province of Ontario. “The city is spatial – Bernardecchi said after his MLS debut – it looks like New York, but more livable. The reception was crazy: an overwhelming passion. Then the thirty-five thousand people in the stadium cheered like crazy, smoke bombs, flags: Oh, what a thing!” .

Canada seems like a real promised land for Ensign, who declared: “Leaving Naples was difficult, but it was a life choice especially for my children. I hope they have a great future here and we can all grow together as a family.

In short, not only a destination for tourism with natural beauty and limitless attractions, but also a land that offers job and study opportunities with unparalleled quality of life. From Banff National Park to the Great Lakes, from the Rocky Mountains to iconic Niagara Falls, via Vancouver and Ottawa, it’s easy to fall in love with Canada. For this reason, and thanks to the recent vision provided by major sporting events, the Canadian government wants to try to reach the enviable quota of one million more international tourists in the low season and channel tourists to the country’s main destinations.

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However, not everyone knows where to go In Canada, an eTA is required, short for “electronic travel authorization”. This specific travel authorization is mandatory for both vacations and business trips, but also for simple transportation within Canadian territory. Anyone landing in Canada, including minors, must have a valid eTA.

there eTA Canada Application Process It takes place entirely online and fills out a simple form, also available in Italian, which can be filled out in a few minutes. You will need to enter your passport details and some travel information. After completing the document and making the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a link indicating the page where you can track the progress of the procedure. An eTA application is usually approved within one business week. The peculiarity is that upon receipt of the certificate, there is no need to print any document or save an e-mail or QR code on the phone: the eTA certificate is actually associated with the passport number and automatically at the time of disembarkation. It will be verified by showing the travel document.

eTA is valid for five years: the longest period that allows you to request the document in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises if the file is subject to a slight delay (usually due to random checks in individual cases: rare. but it can happen).

In short, if you’re planning to fly in a country that has hosted the likes of Jim Carrey, Alanis Morissette, Bryan Adams and Celine Dion, it’s best to get the eTA issued first and then plan all the steps calmly and calmly. Your vacation or business trip to Canada.

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