Home Top News Marika Liszic, first woman on men’s baseball team: ‘Softball was too soft’

Marika Liszic, first woman on men’s baseball team: ‘Softball was too soft’

Marika Liszic, first woman on men’s baseball team: ‘Softball was too soft’

Who decided that women and men and women can’t compete together? If not against, then at least on the same team to avoid too obvious disparities. It would be a revolution of no small significance but… the game is already underway. The last frontier is indeed there BaseballThe king of American sports, where A girl will play in the team (exclusive so far) Male. about this Marika Liszic, 21, is a Canadian catcher who will play in the summer of 2023 with the Brockton Rocks, a Massachusetts club in the Futures League. For now it’s “only” an eight-man summer tournament, but undoubtedly her involvement in the team also marks a gateway to new goals in the women’s game.

Marika Liszic will wear the jersey of Brockton Rocks, Massachusetts.

Originally from Canada, Lyszyk’s meteoric rise in men’s baseball began when she chose River University in New Hampshire, where she became the first female NCAA catcher on the men’s team and the first Canadian woman to play baseball in the NCAA. After one season with the local varsity club, he now dons a Division II jersey for the University of California, Sonoma State, under the guidance of longtime head coach John Goels. Like real Pioneer Sports, which led her to undertake Historical Life in A sport dominated by men, Marika left softball to land in baseball, where she said, “I wanted to play with the boys because softball was too ‘soft’ for me.” “And then the thought of changing didn’t scare me, even though there were people who advised me not to.” After initial doubts, in fact, even those who did not welcome this choice now think so History is being made and “He’s incredibly talented”. Getting a call from the Boston Red Sox, one goes so far as to say “climbing Olympus”: at this rate, with her dedication and her desire to excel even in a male-only field, it certainly isn’t. Exclude its further principal. “I’m like all the boys who play with me or against me.”

Marika Liszic was the first woman to play on an NCAA men’s baseball team

Football backgrounds

Not just Baseball Or now that the customs have been lifted – at least it should be – Football. It’s not uncommon to see women competing in what used to be a male-only sport. Remaining with the ball, the follow-up the team received was incredible Women’s European Championship In 2022, the tournament was attended by more than 87,000 spectators, with hosts England beating Germany 2–1 in the final, the record attendance for a match at a continental tournament (mainly, however, going into the semi-finals. In the first leg of the Women’s Champions League, they camp While at Nau 91,648 visitors) It was another match, the World Cup in QatarWomen took another important step towards gender equality for the first time: it was during the French Stephanie Fraubart He refereed the match between Costa Rica and Germany two years ago after making his Champions League debut in charge of Juventus-Dinamo Kiev. A good example followed in Italy Maria Sol Ferrieri CapudiIntroduction A league At this championship and recently announced among referees for next summer’s Women’s World Cup. Livornese promises to be the first of many to come Caroline Moraes It was sitting at that time, in the summer of 1999 Coach on the Viterbese bench, a Serie C men’s team ‘managed’ by Fabio Liverani. Of course, that adventure only lasted a couple of games due to a falling out with then-president Luciano Gauci. A man (“there is no such thing as a ban”, he said): in 2003 it seemed to be made for the engagement of the German star Birgit Prinz, to whom the host offered an annual contract of 100 thousand euros per month; Eventually the ‘deadly gunboat’ gave up for fear of not finding a place among the holders.

Other sports pioneers

At the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, ​​Zhang Shan beat two men to win gold in clay pigeon shooting.

But the pioneers of women’s sports were undoubtedly the Chinese. Shooting champion, Shan Zhang. During the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, he managed to defeat his teammates in the skeet competition, so the Peruvian Giha won the silver and the Italian Rossetti, the gold medal rather than the bronze. The reactions were not all enthusiastic, on the contrary! It is no coincidence that it was the last of the games in which men and women faced each other in clay pigeon shooting: from the following version they were separated by sex. Until recently, when the IOC wanted to introduce Mixed Pairs Match in the name ofEquality genderSo much for our neighbors San Marinoto do Tokyo 2020, won a historic silver medal alongside former lovers Alessandra Perilli and Gian Marco Berti. Missing America? Certainly not when it comes to animals. Rebecca Lynn HammonEx American basketball player A Russian by birth, she became the first woman to play the role on December 30, 2020 A head coach in an NBA gameAfter Gregg Popovich was ejected during a game against the Los Angeles Lakers. On the contrary Nancy LiebermanKnown as ‘Lady Magic’, the first woman in basketball history Play in a professional league MaleAlthough short, the Usbl debuted with Springfield in a 122-107 loss against Staten Island.


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