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Transparent panels in windows: photovoltaic cells for those without roof space

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Photovoltaics seem more and more the only possible future for obtaining sustainable energy and reducing dependence on Russian gas.
However, quite often, those who want to install panels face various difficulties. Not least the position in which it will be placed and the available spaces.
But there are those who decided to use glass, one of the most sustainable materials, to solve the problem.
what is the benefits? Simple: the solar panels are hidden inside the windows, so they become practically invisible and do not clutter up any additional space.
One of the projects that has become more popular is called Glass to Power and it was born in 2016 as a branch of the University of Milan Bicocca thanks to the scientific interest of the professors Sergio Provili And the Francesco Minardi It is the will of the Innovation Department, a technology innovation advisory and reconnaissance firm, to transfer this innovation to the business world.
Their “mission” is to create beautiful transparent PV windows that can be invisibly integrated into buildings’ architecture to align them with Near Zero Energy Building (Nzeb) standards, restoring and improving the living comfort of those who occupy them.
Glass to Power windows are part of the building envelope, produce electricity, perform thermal and acoustic insulation and contribute to making buildings autonomous by reducing energy requirements. How is that possible? By impregnating the transparent sheets with nanoparticles, they can thus convert natural light into infrared radiation, and finally into an electric current.
So the window is able to produce electricity through solar radiation.

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