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“On the Animals Side”, with Michela Vittoria Brambella, more room for adoption –

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From Maria Volpi

The Retequattro is back: “A love letter expressed in different ways”

“We are fighting stray dogs with all our might and will continue to adopt as many dogs as possible. We will increase the space for adoption.” Michela Vittoria Brambilla, centre-right parliamentarian, is indefatigable and continues her fight for animal rights. Tomorrow “On the Animals Side” starts again on Retequattro. “I am very happy and proud that the broadcast has been extended – Brambella comments -. We start at 10.25 and close at noon. And then we’ll also go replay every Wednesday late in the evening always on Retequattro. Reviews are rewarded. And I can say that this program is really unique, there is no such show in the TV scene ».

Brambilla’s commitment is well known and she has been trying for years to convey a “love message” to viewers. In what honorable sense is the “message of love”? “The leitmotif of the show is always our love for animals and their love for us, which is expressed in different ways. It is love that decides to save an animal and take it out of a kennel; What a grateful bastard gives you is love. And much more. Then we tell stories full of emotion like the lady who made friends with sharks, or like the guy who lives with the bear in the house.”

There is no disrespect for nature and the environmentProtect species that live in different habitats. “We shall know the fox, the antelope, the dormouse, the badger, the owl, the swallow we fed, the little hedgehog…the many animals of the forest which he often does not know.” The season will specifically start with two special episodes filmed inside the CRAS (Wild Animal Pickup Center) “Stella del Nord”, from the Italian League for the Defense of Animals and the Environment, then back from Sunday 16 to the usual. Farm – studio in the green area of ​​Brianza.

The great hero is co-host Stella, daughter of Brambilla, who is only 8 years old, A great connoisseur of animals, he answers children’s questions and is already able to give important messages, such as when you give milk from a bottle to a young elk. “Stella already has clear ideas, she wants to become a veterinarian and has a real passion for all kinds of animals,” says mother Michela proudly.

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