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Perseverance shoots a video of Ingenuity carrying out NASA’s latest mission

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After a period of interruption, due to a certain position of the red planet relative to the Earth, Perseverance now presents exceptional images

The device does a great job, and we can see it from the recordings it sends to NASA –

Images examined by researchers from the JPL team show details of the Creativity Helicopter’s thirteenth flight.. Captured with the two-camera Mastcam-Z system.

The watchful eye of the device, which was developed in the laboratories of the Federal Authority, accurately collected the take-off and landing stages of the rotary-wing aircraft. It was also possible to capture details of dust clouds that were raised during operations.

These are the words of the project team leader, JPL Deputy Principal Investigator Justin Mackie, to explain how the target was able to capture and transmit flight in the most optimal manner by Ingenuity. Which, at that moment, was flying over the Sittah region, a geological outcrop found on the soil of Mars.

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In the video, the movement of the machine, which rose to a height of 8 meters and remained high for 160.5 seconds, can be captured.

Information sent by the persistent rover and the progress of the mission

The mission to Mars continues to give us feelings and surprises –

If photos depicting a flight made in September arrive about two months late, this is due to an unfavorable alignment who put Earth and Mars in opposite directions, dividing the existence of Sole. However, operations on Mars continued during this period.

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On the other hand, the helicopter has already conducted a short test flight associated with Flight 15. But it also began the multi-flight return flight to the vicinity of the “Wright Brothers Field”, indicated as the initial launch point.

Instead of that determination Instead, the program included a recording of nearly five hours of audio that would give us back all the sounds connected to the Martian winds.

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So the mission to Mars continues without any setbackDespite the difficulties and downtime, now recovered, in contacts. Then the information returned to the NASA study centers to give scientists a valuable amount of information that could give more and more space in discovering the origin of the red planet.

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