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Transformers: The Awakening End Explained

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Transformers: The Awakening Picture Gallery

Transformers return With Transformers: AwakeningAnd The seventh chapter of the beloved sci-fi saga Based on the games and anime series of Hasbro. A new film is being directed, in which the new mutants are presented as allies and enemies Stephen Capley Jrwith the veteran Michael Bay as a producer. Transformers – Awakening It was introduced to the franchise as the first installment in a new trilogy, and as such has a rich history of new villains, artifacts, and possible – and cool – crossovers.

In addition to introducing some interesting news into the Transformers universe, the movie Drop an information bomb Right before the end of Vantage: These aren’t the only ones fighting darkness and evil. But what does this mean for the Transformers and their world? to understand it, Let’s analyze the ending And we understand the ramifications that could have on the franchise’s future.

4Transwarp key: what does it represent?

Several centuries before the events described in Transformers – Awakeningthe The Maximals’ home planet has been struck by UnicronA dark god of transformers who feeds on energy rich orbs to stay alive. The planet has come under his sights as the Maximals are tasked with protecting it Transwarp key, a mystical artifact capable of generating portals across space and time. Unicron wanted the Key to be able to move through space and go in search of new lands to eat, prompting the Maximals to sacrifice themselves – and with them their planet – to save the universe from this great threat.

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But their leader Apelinq decided to stay in order to face the Scourge, the most dangerous and deadly of Unicron’s servants. At the same time, Optimus Primal led the Maximals Through a space-time portal, with the goal of being able to secure the Transwarp Key and prevent the latter from taking it. Thus the deity was trapped near the planet of the mighty, feasting on their home, while realizing that he would starve forever if he failed to obtain the key. He then orders Scourge and his terrorists to search across the universe to find her.

The Maximals, who were supposed to protect the Key, They took refuge on EarthAnd once there they split it in half, to hide it on opposite sides of the planet. We are now in 1994, at a time Transformers – Awakeningwhen archaeologist Elena Wallace stumbles across the Transwarp Key and activates it without any sense of it, bringing the Terrorcons to Earth on one side, and the Maximals and Autobots on the other side to unite to defeat Unicron.

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