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Frascati Science, too many users are booking and ‘give a hole’: ‘The error will be reported to the system’

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Frascati Scienza, as many know, is a real institution in the territory of Castelli Romani, which, as a non-profit association, seeks to disseminate knowledge and disseminate scientific culture in the Tuscan region of Frascati and Rome.

There are many events, both on a personal and remote level, organized by Frascati Scienza for anyone wishing to deepen scientific topics of various kinds, from the simplest to the most advanced, always focusing on the quality of presentation to the audience.

Today, however, the Assembly had to confirm, with great regret, a behavior that was not at all correct on the part of some of the people who had booked their attendance at one of the many appointments in September, which we gave you to call at once.

“Following the absences found during the ‘Discover the Cold’ workshop on September 9 – says Frascati Senza – the organization was forced to cancel all reservations for the September 16 events (designated for animals, editor) from users who booked for September 9 and did not participate. Unfortunately Fortunately, this is a behavior that has been repeated over time, despite the fact that the cancellation policy is clearly stated at each of our events.”

“By booking a seat – confirms Frascati Scienza – without canceling the reservation, you are denying others the opportunity to participate. Frascati Scienza has always been committed to providing quality activities for children and curious adults, always completely free to the public.”

For this – the association staff concludes -, from now on, users who booked frequently and then did not participate in events will be reported to the booking system, according to health. Hoping to have a greater civic sense of the future, we send our cordial greetings.”

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