February 7, 2023

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Towards Spezia-Naples, the last house in the Ligurian house: a possible space for the first time

Spezia-Napoli takes place tomorrow at 12.30, valid for the final round of the Serie A League.

Tomorrow at 12.30 she will go on stage Spezia NaplesValid on the last day of league. A game in which both of them have achieved their goals and thus will be played only for glory. men Thiago Mota Keep training all week and get ready for the match in a festive atmosphere after redemption. Let’s go watch the latest training.

Given the goal achieved, we will likely see some second streaks and some young players on the field even from 1′. Like for example the full back Bertola It can be off the hook because it’s both off sticks who – which It bears althoug Ferrer Still a favourite. out too jassi by disqualification, agodelo to heat up. For the rest, if the best men are confirmed, put a distance between the others a Provedel, Erlic, Nikolaou, Major, Kiwior, KovalenkoAnd green And soliloquy usually 4-2-3-1. But nothing is excluded. Strelic, Salcedo, Purabia Foreclosure on the bench.

(4-2-3-1): Providel. Amiens, Ehrlich; Nicolau, Ferrer; Major Cure Green, Kovalenko, Agudelo; soliloquy Coach: Thiago Motta

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