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Some are already playing alpha and the reviews are positive, according to Jason Schreyer –

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Waiting for you to try it yourself Diablo 4 Thanks to the upcoming beta in the coming months, well-known journalist Jason Schreyer stated that a bunch of people are already playing italpha And this previous Reviews are positive.

Through a Twitter post, a Bloomberg reporter wanted to introduce another indiscretion on Blizzard, in addition to the one about the Warcraft mobile game cancellation circulating today, noting that some people are trying Diablo 4 thanks to alpha testing. “Friends and family”, i.e. confined to a small circle of people. It appears that the players have signed a non-disclosure agreement (or a non-disclosure agreement) and therefore cannot share details and opinions on the network and on social networks, but according to sinister sources, the first opinions are positive.

Schreyer said on Twitter: “Another Blizzard curiosity I haven’t seen anywhere yet: Lots of people are playing an initial build of Diablo 4 now thanks to alpha testing for ‘Friends & Family’.” Mostly.”

Meanwhile, the Diablo 4 beta client has appeared on and the PlayStation Store database, a sign that we probably won’t have to wait any longer to try out the Blizzard title. If you haven’t signed up for the beta yet, you can do so at this is the address.

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