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Three suspended in Serie A, Fiorentina fined 10,000 euros – Football

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(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 10 – Serie A sports referee Gerardo Mastrandria, in connection with the 14 first-leg matches of the tournament, has been ruled out between the two expelled players, Sebastiano Loberto (Empoli).

Among the players who were not sent off, Omar Cole (Sampdoria) and Maxime Fabian Lopez (Sassuolo) were always stopping off for the tour. A fine of 15,000 euros was imposed on Fiorentina for “the presence of their supporters during the match chanting obscene and insulting slogans towards the fans of the opposing team, as well as for throwing various objects into the playing area without consequences”. Salernitana fined €10,000 “for having his supporters, at 10 o’clock, in the sector occupied by his opposing supporters, fired two smoke bombs which forced the present attendants away from their positions and tossed a smoke bomb into the area. Enclosure game”. A fine of 5,000 euros in La Spezia “for her supporters, at 33 points, singing vulgar choirs against fans of another club.” Finally, Lecce was fined 4,000 euros for “throwing his supporters into the game container, two firecrackers and three smoke grenades during match.” (Deals).

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