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«Tour ‘when’, life after waking up, without nostalgia» – Corriere.it

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From Stefania Olivi

About the location of the shooting of the new film, scheduled for release in 2023, based on his version. Neri Marcor Giovanni, a Chinese Communist Party activist, falls into a coma at the age of 18 at Berlinger’s funeral and wakes up in 2015

Rome, June 13, 1984, Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano. Mixed with a million and a half people gathered to pay a final tribute to Enrico Berlinger, who died two days earlier of an illness, there is also Giovanni. He is 18 years old, has a girlfriend, friends and family who loves him. The flag pole falls on his head, and he falls into a coma. He will only wake up in 2015. An 18-year-old in the body of a 49-year-old man who left the world in the early 80’s and found him radically changed. Walter Veltroni speaking from a group WhenThe film, based on his 2017 novel, produced by Lumire, will hit theaters in early 2023 with Vision. These are the last days of photography. Giovanni Neri Marcor. It is up to him to get used to the new that has developed more than thirty years ago. He must overcome the shock of those who have passed three decades, and must make his mental age correspond to his real age – explains the actor -. Notice what happened to him and the country. His girlfriend at the time, the mother of his daughter, met his best friend. The Chinese Communist Party, the party to which he devoted his efforts and hopes, no longer exists. Life went on without him. But, as Veltroni emphasizes, there is no room for nostalgia. Since there was nothing in the book. I don’t feel nostalgic for that era. I don’t think at all that life was better. Those were the years of Sindona, Andreotti, Mafia, P2, Terror. I think the years between 1978, the Morrow kidnapping and 1984, the Berlinger death, when PCI actually dies, are central to our history. Maybe I’m nostalgic for what could have been and what wasn’t, yes, for what wasn’t. One can regret the great feelings and the lost sense of community. In one scene, we’ll see Giovanni returning to Botteghe Oscure, the historic headquarters of PCI, a title now like many others. He also asks himself questions: Where are all these people who were in San Giovanni? The remaining? But not longing. it can not be. A boy, looking to the future, searches the people around him for the values ​​​​for which he devoted his life.

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Solarino words

Like Julia (Valeria Solarino), the nun who helped him in recent years. It is he who learns to know him better than anyone else. When Walter offered me the role, I was terrified: I am far from the Catholic world. Then I realized that more than talking, as I did, with an education friend, I had to understand who Julia was. A woman who is completely devoted to others. He has the same background as Giovanni, he belongs to a communist family. When he wakes up wanting to protect him from pathological curiosity, give him time to realize what happened. The key to their relationship is an exchange: she told him a lot about herself when he was in a coma. He was his close friend, Veltroni explains. She took care of him as a mother but she is a younger, younger sister. Accompanying him in his rebirth is Leo, an 18-year-old boy who doesn’t speak because he thinks no one is listening. They get to know each other, they have the same frankness. They are a picaresque couple. The tone, he says, is somewhat like a fairytale. As a director I love this dimension, there is nothing more real than fiction as Fellini said, I agree. Any reference to Lenin’s Goodbye, he says, must be reversed. There was a need to rebuild the world as it was, here to say what it has become, a jungle full of pitfalls. To help Giovanni revise the lost decades, Liu showed him pictures on his tablet: the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlusconi as prime minister, on 9/11. But, above all, there is the life of John. Veltroni says he has to take his final exams – one of the most important scenes – to find his loved ones, like his mother and father. He is also working on two new documentaries. One on Paolo Rossi and the other on Pio la Torre. Memory, along with teamwork, is closest to my heart, in everything I have done: politics, journalism, writing, cinema. Against this present Al-Buytiya. Respect those who have made a difference, like Pio La Torre. If you stop someone on the street and ask about them, they won’t know.

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