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To the surprise of Canada, Suarez leads Spain

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The first day of the Billy Jean King Cup final in Prague ended on Monday evening. A competition was held for each group. France-Canada will face Group A Belgium-Belarus in Group A in the morning, Spain-Slovakia Group in Group C and Republic-Germany in Group D in the afternoon.

Group a

Canada-France 2-1
F. Abanda b. F. Ferro 4-6 6-4 6-4
A. Garnett b. R. Marino 6-4 7-6 (5)
G. Dabrowski / R. Marino b. C. புரல் / ஏ. Garnett 6-3 7-6 (6)

Surprisingly, the Canadians defeated the clearly-liked French players 2-1. Franோois Abonda took Canada forward by reuniting Fiona Pharaoh. Farrow quietly took the lead 6-4 2-0 and appeared to be in complete control of the match. Best in breaking the consistency of the Canadian game and ending 4-6 6-4 6-4.

At this point, it was Alice Garnett’s turn to balance the match. French woman Rebecca Marino confronted. The Canadian player’s sprint start went straight to 2-0. Garnett’s reaction was quick, he played in 4 games in a row, and after he wasted a set point of 5-3 on the opponent’s serve, he went up 15-30 in the next game. The second set was fought hard. The French number 1 rose to 3-1, but started again as 3-3. Marino scored a break point in the seventh game and canceled one of 5 runs. We reached the tie-break, where the Canadian went 4-1, Garnett tied the score at 4-4, and slipped three points in a row 4-5 to 7-5 to beat France 1-1.

So the challenge was determined by doubling. Alizé Cornet and Clara Burel, on the one hand, and Rebecca Marino and Gabriela Dabrowski, on the other, are an experienced duo of the latter. The Canadian pair won the first set 6-3 due to a break in the fourth game, while the trend in the second game was very balanced. The French pair advanced to 5-2 and the set demand, with Marino and Dabrowski recovering 5-5, was very good. Once again a decisive tie-break, the Canadians beat it 8-6 and had the most significant victory.

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Tuesday Canada-RussiaIf the North Americans win, they will already be in the semifinals, which will be a really exciting process.

Group A ranking
Canada 1-0 2-1
France 0-1 1-2
Russia 0-0 0-0

Group B

Belgium 2-1 Belarus
G. Electronic b. I. Shymanovich 6-2 6-2
E. Mertens b. A. Sasnovich 6-2 4-6 6-2
V. Labco / A. Sasnovich b. K. Flipkens / e. Mertens 6-4 6-3

However, this is not surprising in Group P.. Sasnovich was alone to face the Belgian players led by Ellis Mertens. In the first singles match, Crete Minnan, the second seed from Belgium, defeated Shymanovic 6-2 6-2. This is the pattern of the two number 1s, precisely Elise Mertens and Alejandra Sasnovich. The Belgian easily won the first set 6-2, but Sasnovich was not there and responded well in the second set. The Belarusian gives all his energy to the end and pulls the score with a score of 6-4. However, Mertens finished training with another 6-2 in the third set and handed the victory to his teammates. The duo, who beat Belarusian Lapko and Sasnovich against Mertens and Flipkens, lost 6-4 6-3 (final).

Tuesday in Belgium and Australia, Here is the match point for the Belgians who are already in the semifinals if they win.

Group B Rankings
Belgium 1-0 2-1
Belarus 0-1 1-2
Australia 0-0 0-0

Group c

Spain 2-1 Slovakia
V. Kuzmova b. C. Suarez-Navarro 6-2 3-6 6-3
S. Syrips Tormo b. A. K. Smitlov 6-3 3-6 6-2
S. Syrips Tormo / C. Suarez-Navarro b. T. Mihalikova / K. Kuzmova 4-6 6-2 10-7

Carla Suarez Navarro is on her way to farewell and Billy Jean ends her career with the King Cup final. Opens the match between Spain and Slovakia against Victoria Kuzmova. The Spaniard started poorly and immediately went down 0-4 to give the first set 6-2. But Suarez is hard to die and slowly begins to grind his game, showing the usual fantastic backstory and taking time at Kuzmova. So the Spaniard started 3-0 and won the second set 6-3. However, Kuzmova’s freshness comes out here, he finished the match with the same score and was in favor of Slovakia.

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In the second singles, Sarah Sorops Tormo and Anna-Carolina Schmidlova clashed.. An excellent starting balance of 3 in the first set with Schmitlova saving three dangerous break points in the sixth game. But Sorbes did not give up the tormo, playing 3 games in a row and finishing 6-3. The second set had the same trend but this time it was in favor of the Slovakians. Balance up to 2, then I extend Schmitlova to the final 6-3 5-2 protocol. Here again we go to the third place. Leaving 2 equal Syrips crumbs to the opponent, he signs the tie with a 6-2 brewery and takes the challenge to the decisive double.

Decisive double played according to round rules, Then everyone who wins the point at 40 wins the game and the third set is a super tie-break (i.e. tie-break at 10). On the one hand two Spanish singles descend on the field, on the other hand Kuzmova joins Mihalikova. The first set, which came to a draw, came with three consecutive breaks from 3, with the Slovaks going 5-4 and serving and not wasting a chance for the final 6-4. However, the Spanish pair fit in well, the sorbies under the net were terrible, and Suarez did not betray the basics. The Iberians went up 3-0, wasting two 4-0 balls, however they ended up 6-2. The match at tie-break will last until draw 3. Then Sorbes’ determination made a difference, the Spaniards went 9-3, and struggled a little at 10-7 at the fourth match point.

Tuesday USA-Slovakia.

Group C Rankings
Spain 1-0 2-1
Slovakia 0-1 1-2
USA 0-0 0-0

Group d

Czech Republic 2-1 Germany
M. Vondrosova b. A. Petkovich 6-1 6-3
A. Gerber b. B. Krezchikova 6-7 (5) 6-0 6-4
L. Hradeca / K. Siniakova b. AL Freedoms / J. Nimir 6-4 6-7 (2) 10-8

Group D is very balanced. The hosts made their debut against Angelique Gerber’s Germany. In the first singles, Margotta Vondrosova defeated Andrea Petkovic 6-1 6-3. Really powerless in front of Germany’s enemy.

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The second singular, on the other hand, has a completely different story. Barbora Krezzhikova starts on a rocket, and went 3-0 on an amen and served against Angelique Gerber. The German puts on diesel and gradually goes up the slope. The hook has come to 4-4 and even though Gerber 5 did not use the base break point, we remain in balance until the tiebreak. The Czech player starts even better at the tiebreak (3-0) but the Germans retreat (4-3 and 5-4) before the home tennis player’s final draw (7-5). Back to the wall Gerber reveals the best of you. The second set has no story, 6-0 German and it goes to third. Gerber was very fast, immediately 3-1, but Krezhikova found the strength to react 3-3. In the very long seventh game, the Czech did not use 4 balls to serve, and Gerber took advantage of it. The German serve 5-4 and go 15-30, but 4 points in a row equalize the German score.

And in this challenge he double-ended. Siniakova and expert Hradecka on the one hand, and Friedcham and Niemier on the other. Technically excellent game, the first set goes to the home pair 6-4. The Germans played better and extended the second set 4-2. Hrudeka and Siniakova returned to the game, which was a tie-break. Here the German pair dominated 7-2. Place after super tie-break. Hrudeka and Snyakova captured operations from the start and went 8-4, but here the Germans reacted and shocked the local fans. Friedsam and Niemeier preceded 7-8 but eventually produced 10-8 due to the pleasure of sex.

They will land on the field on Tuesday Germany and Switzerland.

Group D Ranking
R. Seca 1-0 2-1
Germany 0-1 1-2
Switzerland 0-0 0-0

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