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Three sisters died, be on vacation in Guatemala

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Three sisters Dies in a road accidentthrough one vacation. Natalie, Catherine and Tiffany, ages 18 to 21, died while in Guatemala. Young women died in a car accident after minivan Driven by his grandfather, he crashed into a truck.

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The girls went to Guatemala, from California, where they are staying, to visit their mother’s family, local newspapers reported. The eldest, Tiffany, was technically an aunt to the other two, but Natalie and Catherine’s mother raised them as if they were three sisters. Their disappearance is a huge pain for the entire family, as Aunt Cindy Gonzalez also explained: “There are no words to describe the tragedy we are going through right now.”

The cause of the accident appears to be the truck driver, who was arrested by the police. Meanwhile, the girls’ mother has also set up a GoFundMe page to be able to raise funds for the girls’ funeral. On the online fundraising campaign page, she wrote: “I am truly devastated and saddened by the loss of my closest people who were suddenly taken away. My youngest daughter had just finished high school and was about to go to university with her other sisters.”

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