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The relationship between man, animal and food is at the heart of “Dinner with Science”.

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Back, starting next May 6, “Dinner with Science”which is a review published scientific events organized by Confagricoltura Piacenza. The leitmotif of the new edition, The relationship between humans, animals and food, which has been significantly modified over the past few decades. “With regard to animals – confirms Confagricoltura – we tend to recognize a dignity equal to that of our species, and prefer a kind of disrespectful ‘humanization’ of them and us. Food is required not only and not only to satisfy a basic physiological need, but to recognize social standing, cultural calling, and a sense of identity. To what extent all this has to do with a new consciousness and how it is not the result of degenerate (and perhaps very unstable) satiety is what we shall try to deepen in our evenings.”

You will open a Giovanni Ballarini course, approaching the topic from an anthropological point of view. This will be followed by Agnese Codignola, who will assess the state of progress of technologies aimed at producing meat in the laboratory. Don Mirko Dalla Torre will approach the topic from a philosophical point of view, as well as through a critical analysis of animal rights theses. Filippo de Proud will share with us the developments of very interesting research he is doing on the effects of calorie restriction in the treatment of cancer. Finally, Alberto Grande will talk about how well the “story” about food fits with reality and how well it is the result of marketing mysteries.

the program

Friday, May 27, 7.00 p.m. – Agriturismo Boschi. hidden (Fosadillo de Corso). We will be industrial: will the meat of the future be produced in the laboratory? Speaker: Agnes Codignola is a science journalist, former researcher in pharmacology.

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Friday, June 17, 7.00 pm – Agriturismo Il Vallone (Sino) “The spirit and the animals.” Speaker: Father Mirco Dalla Torre Responsible for Triveneto’s Pastoral Care of Circuses and Travel Shows

Friday, September 9, 7.00 pm – Agriturismo Casa Rosa (Carpanetto Piacentino). “Fasting is More Than a Tumor: Calorie Restriction in Oncology” Speaker: Filippo de Braud, Director of Clinical Oncology at IRCCS.

Friday, September 30, 7.00 pm – Agriturismo La Finestra sul Po (San Nazzaro – Monticelli) Invented the Appellation of Origin: Marketing Lies on Typical Italian Products. Speaker: Alberto Grandi is Associate Professor of Food History at the University of Parma.

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