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Football, tomorrow Napoli in Dimaro. Koulibaly is coming too, Juve wants him: but 40 million is too many

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(From Koulibaly’s official Facebook profile)

It starts from Covid tests (all negative so far), and from physical tests on a treadmill, but the market holds the position. Mandatory steps for Napoli, which approaches the official resumption of the season tomorrow evening with the arrival of Dimaro Folgarida, the Trentino locality that will host the Spalletti men’s retreat until July 19. After the arrival of the new teams Kvaratskellia and Oliveira yesterday, today it is the turn of the well-known faces that Spalletti has been counting on for a year, namely Lozano, Fabian Ruiz and Di Lorenzo. Dr. Canonico subjected the players to medical, physical and cardiopulmonary tests with the support of Dr. Pezzella, then sent the players onto the field for a first gym session, useful for muscle revitalization after the holidays. The muscles and minds that leave tomorrow for Dimaro, where Napoli will seek to focus for the new season, aiming to stay at the top of the standings and give their best for their return to the Champions League. In the background market. In these hours the future of Koulibaly remains intact, who will join his teammates tomorrow in Dimaro and who remains one of the most famous names on the market: his contract expires next year, and in Naples – if not renewed – it would be better to sell him now but there are no offers close to the ones that Imagine it by De Laurentiis, who wants 40 million to part with the Senegalese giant. Juventus will accept him but not in these numbers and in any case it is not a team that Koulibaly would love to marry: at the moment the percentages for staying in the blue are 80%, then we will see. The blue market is at a standstill at the moment, summer fantasies linger, such as those associated with the name Dybala, while fans await the arrival of Osimhen, who is still in the crosshairs of the big clubs but De Laurentiis is asking for 100 million. But the doubts of the fans also worry Mertens, who has been without a contract for seven days: the Belgian striker loves Napoli and wants to stay there, but a meeting with De Laurentiis is needed to reach an agreement on the engagement, while now Dries is collecting offers from other clubs, such as Sarri’s Lazio , which will be presented under . He is enjoying the summer with his son Ciro and his wife, the record-breaking striker in Italian history, knowing that the fans love him. Meanwhile, the study of new species also begins from Dimaro, starting with Kvaratskhelia, which was announced as an alternative to Insigne. The Georgian will have to get used to the mentality of Italian football and Spalletti, and he will have to prove that he is of the highest quality to become the master of the right wing. Eyes on him at Dimaro, waiting for the first tests against the amateurs of Anaune and then against Perugia, then on the second part of the retreat at Castel Di Sangro. The Abruzzo region is at the center of the attention of the Prosecutor of Corte dei Conte, who is investigating the money paid to Naples to go on a relaxing trip in the Abruzzo mountains.

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