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Three out of three for Asiago Hockey. The Lions enter the semi-finals of the Continental Cup.

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L ‘Asiago Hockey He wins another positive result, the third out of three matches, this time thanks to a 5 to 2 cut toAcroni Jessini Which allowed Stellati to train Tom Paraso To get, deservedly, the first place subordinate group d and access to Semi-finals. It is also good for the Slovenes who, thanks to the withdrawal of the Kazakh national team from the semi-finals, still make it to the next stage as “second best”.

He will play the Giallorossi From 18 to 20 November Next round of Continental Cup In the city of Nitra in SlovakiaAnd this year they will face the Polesyunya oswisemand the Ukrainians from Kremenchug And of course the hostsHong Kong Nitra.

The other match, which was played in the afternoon between my two teams Istanbul Born in Novi Sad It is characterized by a large number of Penalty (12 and 22 minutes)The Turkish team defeated Serbia by 6 goals to one, thanks to another excellent performance by the young goalkeeper.

In the group C played in Franceparallel to Asiago, were the hostsIngres Docs To beat the round and qualify for the penultimate stage of IIHF . Championship Beating Hungarians at TC Ferencvarusi, Croats KHL Sisak and Romanian at SC Mercuria Ciuc.

Asiago Continental Ice Hockey Cup 2022 - Asiago goal vs Jesenys Michel Marchetti

Award winning players

Group D:
Best goalkeeper – Buz Adam Istanbul #66 Savely Voronov
Best Defender – Acroni Jesenice #44 David Blanco
Best Striker – Asiago Hockey Team No. 91 Alan McShane

Asiago Continental Ice Hockey Cup 2022 - Asiago - Best goalkeeper and players


Asiago Report

The match that starts in the best way for Asiago and which after less than three minutes goes ahead with a kick Marchetti. Giallorossi doubles at 7′ in powerplay with Fancos, who with a shot closes the beautiful triangulation with Magnabosco and McShane. The guests, also in numerical superiority, return after the first half with Glavic cashing a Bloomberg shot out of the blue between Fazio’s leggings. In the following minutes, there was a stalemate as both teams struggle to produce play, so the score sees Stellati lead 2-1 at the siren.

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In the first minutes of the second half, Jesenice had a good chance with Djezovic who was blocked by Fazio. Asiago responded shortly after with a gentle triangulation that ended with a shot from Vankus in which Karjalainen reached the boot. In the 15th minute, the Giallorossi scored again and advanced 3-1 Saracen, who uses a rebound after a shot from Salinetry to defeat the Finnish goalkeeper. Stellati is still dangerous and also finds the fourth network with her Salinetry who, after making an insistence, deposits a pass from McShane on the net.

In the third and final parts, Jesenice tried to reopen the competition with a goal difference by way of Svitina. Asiago after six minutes re-establishes the distance with macchin Who puts the disc behind Karjalainen after Moncada recovers a disc in the attack area. In the remaining minutes, there are not many chances to report and so the Giallorossi fans can celebrate their well-deserved qualification at the siren.

At the end of the game they are rewarded as best player For Jesenice #47 Jasper Glavich while the award went to Asiago Marek Vankus.

Asiago Continental Ice Hockey Cup 2022 - Asiago vs Jesenice Best Player

Final Ranking


Group D results

Friday 14 October

16:30 Jesenice – Istanbul 5-1
20:30 Asiago – Novi Sad 14-1

Saturday 15 October

16:30 Novi Sad – Jesenice 1-7
20:30 Istanbul – Asiago 2 – 9

Sunday October 16

4:30 pm Istanbul – Novi Sad 6-1
20:30 Asiago – Jesenice 5 – 2

Credit: Serena Fantini and Vito Di Romeo

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