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The Eternals, why haven’t the MCU movies come out yet with the name Celestial?

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has us accustomed to seeing in every movie or series references to what happened in the other chapters of the franchise: think for example of Blip, who was mentioned several times during this phase 4. Why, then, does the Disney saga insist on ignoring a definitive disaster? de eternity?

As you’ll definitely remember, in fact, during the last part of Chloe Zhao’s movie, we almost witness the total Celestial reappearance From the bowels of the earth: our heroes are able to prevent a catastrophe, but not to prevent a part of the body of a gigantic being from staying exposed to sunlight in the Indian Ocean.

In short, Planet Earth is bragging in the MCU right now hand and head From the celestial it arose from its depths and clearly visible to anyone who passes by: is it possible that this thing had not been mentioned at all up to this point in stage 4?

Of course, there is no mention of an event the size of a Blip: at the moment, the existence of a celestial body is not. It has not been proven to be related For event flow purposes, but a sign would have been at least welcome…at least to make sure Kevin Feige and his co-stars are still willing to take his new heroes into consideration! However, stage four is still a long way off: who knows if one of the next steps won’t remedy the matter. The MCU star, meanwhile, has Confirmed the arrival of a sequel to The Eternals.

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