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Canadian GB, Alonso in the front row ten years later: “I dream of taking the first corner in the lead”

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One afternoon it seemed like it had taken a leap in those years Fernando Alonso He drove a Ferrari, he printed polar positions, he won major prizes (no world championship, he only won with the Renault team in 2005 and 2006). Ten years after the 2012 German GB, the Spaniards re-entered First row. In CanadaIn the beginning, withAlpine Tory Will click next Max Verstappen. Behind his back Science And Hamilton. But an old track lion like him knows how to recognize the forces on the field. He immediately smells them. “Red bull And Ferrari They play a different game and go much faster than other cars despite their problems. I could aim for fifth place, and it would be imaginative to think of anything more. The first four places have already been booked.

Verstappen on the pole in Canada. Alonso’s Foot: He’s in the front row. Science Third Place

By Stefano Backpack

Alonso: “Fifth place is our victory”

Alonso is 40 years old. Since 2012, no such “old” driver has won the front row: Michael Schumacher, 43, on Saturday released his last season’s Chinese GP. Then retired on Sunday. He hopes Fernando will perform better: “I want to take the lead first corner and lead the race to at least one round.” A crazy split, a variable that can shuffle World Cup cards. “Verstappen did another game – he said it was not possible to compete with him at the end of the qualifying round. We have been enjoying the weekend and we have been competitive since the first free workout.

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Leklerk replaces the engine: in the Canadian GP he starts from the last row

Alonso: “I’ll hit Verstopane in the first corner”

Laughing, but rival riders need to take it seriously, Alonso unveiled the Alpine Tauri Race strategy. “We have less speed than the others, but I feel very comfortable on this track. First I will hit Verstop at the 1st turn, then we’ll see what we can do. It will be a completely dry day.” In Germany, ten years ago, Alonso first crossed the racetrack, who knows if the old lion will give the last leg.

Formula One, Canadian GB: Roundabout named after Gilles Villanueva

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