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“Threat to block Twitter” –

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From Viviana Mazza

With a series of controversial tweets, the billionaire accused the Cupertino giant of wanting to harm the social network

From our correspondent
New York – The richest billionaire on the planet Declare war on the most valuable corporation in the world. In a series of tweets, Monday afternoon, Elon Musk accuse Apple and its CEO Tim Cook From Threatening to ban
Twitter on the App Store. It’s not clear exactly what Musk means by ban: it could be a temporary refusal to update the Twitter app or a ban on the social network from the online store. The tweets go on: Musk asks if Apple “hates free speech in America,” laments the company’s cuts in the ads you buy on its platform (it’s spent $40 million so far this year), calls it a monopoly, and slams the imposition of a “secret 30% tax” on transactions in the app store (A well-known practice that, in fact, has drawn objections from other companies in the sector.)

The strategy is similar to that adopted against other people who threatened to remove A.J Twitter Ads (the main source of income) and accused of attempting to “destroy freedom of expression.” Musk said this last week She will produce her own smartphone If Apple removed Twitter from the App Store for violating the rules. In the past, the App Store has closed its doors to apps that aren’t responsible for content moderation, with potential threats to personal safety, violent and hateful messages, and pedophilia. Now this Twitter has reduced content moderationAll eyes are on the Cupertino company’s next moves. Even Google, like Apple, provides for content modification to ensure accessibility.Google Play Store(For Android): Both online stores have, in fact, blocked apps used by far-right users like Parler and Gab. But Google has not yet contacted Twitter about the potential breaches, according to Axios.

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Meanwhile, some Republican lawmakers, who have long pushed for antitrust rules that limit control over Apple and Google in their respective app stores, agreeing with Musk, stating that it is time to stop this duopoly. The measures targeting the tech giants also have support from Democrats, but are currently stalled in Congress as leaders of both parties grapple with other priorities. Against Apple, Musk has also launched one of his usual polls: asking his followers to express themselves about the possibility that Cupertino Publication of all control measures that had an impact on consumers is required. The relationship was not always so antagonistic. In the past, Musk has viewed Apple as a potential savior for Tesla. On the darkest day, the billionaire called Cook to discuss a possible Cupertino purchase of the electric giant. But Musk said Cook refused to meet.

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