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The Space Festival starts tomorrow on Busalla: Space Economy Theme Day

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Busala. After the preview on Thursday 29th under the banner of the literary salon “Spacebook”, the 2023 Space Festival will be officially opened tomorrow morning, Friday, June 30th, in the presence of the main local institutional authorities, to give space for a full day. dedicated to the space economy.

One of the most promising sectors of development in the coming decades is the space economy, which shines in the wings of digital transformation by providing satellite networks on which new services grow.

The large session that the Festival dedicates to the sector reviews the latest technologies in Italy for this important technological and commercial trend, which includes agencies, large and small industries, start-ups and researchers active throughout Italy, and also proposes an interesting comparison between supporting and promoting space sector initiatives in our region and those of neighboring Piedmont.

At sunset, we’ll move to the recently installed Big Bench at Contrada Olivieri, near the Bastia Reserve, to enjoy the night sky under the direction of Walter Riva, director of the Righi Astronomical Observatory.

All events are free to enter. The full program and all information on the event is available on the official website, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Today’s programme

Friday 30 June, Villa Porzino

⃝ Installation


Welcome and greetings

They interfere

Loris Myron, Mayor of Busalla

Fabrizio Vasari, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Bussala

Nicoletta Dacrema, Rector of the University of Genoa

Ilaria Cavo, Vice Chair of the X (Productive Activities, Trade and Tourism) Committee of the House of Representatives

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Fabio Massimo Grimaldi, President of ALTEC

with sponsors

Walter Cogno, director of science programs and inhabited systems for the Thales Alenia region

Guido Conforti, Director of Confindustria Genoa

Francesco Saverio Valdivis, Leonardo Directorate of Institutional Affairs for Italy

Roberto Riccardi, Sole Director of FDS-Italy

Onofrio Conto, General Secretary, Carige Foundation

space economy

As usual, also this year, the big session that the Festival dedicates to the space economy will showcase the latest technologies in Italy for this important technological and commercial direction, involving agencies, large and small industries, venture capital and regional associations.


The Space Economy Scenario in Italy: The Protagonists’ Perspective

Franco Ungaro, Leonardo’s Chief Aerospace Business Officer

Remo Proetti, Director of IIT’s DELTA Lab and Coordinator of the IIT-ASI Convention

Marco De Clemente, Chief Technology Officer, ASI

Roberto Provera, Thales Alenia Space

Dev Anilkumar and Franco Mallerpa Moderate



Forno gujari porridge

Paratino tasting masterpieces


The Space Economy: Corporate Space

first round. Tools and organizations to support the space economy

They discuss it

Isabella Boldrogo, Head of Unit of the European Commission’s Space and Defense Directorate

Michele Castorina, Head of Φ-lab Investments and Innovation at ESA ESRIN

Fabio Caramelli, Space Rider Payload and Exploitation Manager at the European Space Agency

Nicola Reddy, Managing Partner, Obloo VC

Leo Italiano, ESA BIC Program Manager in Turin

Round two. Italian industrial scenario and new ideas

They discuss it

Marco Molina, SITAEL General Manager Sales and Products

Emilio Fazzoletto, Head of Electronics Unit at Argotec

Riccardo Marchetto, CEO, Cosmic srl

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Dario Bruna, CEO, DBSpace

Veronica La Regina, Blu Electronic Sales Manager

Third round. Regional initiatives in the space sector

They discuss it

Guido Conforti, Director of Confindustria Genoa

Piero Messidoro, Consultant at Sibimonte (International Center of the Piedmont Region)

Stefano Carusio, CEO, STAM

Ivano Verzola, Director of Innovation, R&D, Lazzero Tecnologie

Tiziano Cosso, CEO of GTER

Contrada Oliveri

(near Bastia sanctuary)


Astronomical observations

It is organized by the Riggae Astronomical Observatory

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