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Como hockey game “Green Line” for the first biancobl team with young Pietro Maradi and Riccardo Novati

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Double graft hockey komo straight from the city club nursery of IHL.

Hockey Cuomo, the two talents born in 2005 will also go on to play in the Under19 tournament in a Turin jersey

Hockey Como inserts two “green” pieces into the mosaic board of their first team that will compete in the 2022/23 IHL National Championship. Following the announcement of expert Eduardo Caletti’s participation, and confirmations by Dominic Daggett and Lorenzo Casiraghi, Larian Club have announced the names of other players for their 2022/23 roster. Two young producers from the biancobl youth sector, born in 2005, Pietro Marradi and Riccardo Novati, are ready to join IHL Larian’s first team.

Pietro Marradi at IHL Como Hockey

Pietro and Ricciardo grew up playing the Under13 and Under15 tournaments in Como, then the Under17 tournament in Milan and Turin, but they are now ready for that senior class jump, also thanks to farm team agreements with the Old Boys (IHL1) where they can use them too. Next season, both of them will play in the Under19 tournament in a Torino shirt. An interesting double bait “from the green line” for hockey Como we remember will make its debut in the IHL National Championship 2022/23 on Saturday 24 September at the Dobbiaco circuit.

Como hockey ricardo novati
Riccardo Novati wearing Hockey Como IHL
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