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Sassari, The Rainbow Space for Reconciling Work and Parenthood (07/10/2022)

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to me sassari The first building block was laid to create a pillar that reconciles work and parenthood. this morning inSantissima Annunziata Hospital The “rainbow spaceSoon, similar spaces will be opened to the public in civil building and all juvenile court. In the rest of Sardinia, there is only an initiative of the University of Cagliari with “pink space“. But Sassari is the first hospital on the island that intends to make a tangible change after two and a half years of the pandemic, restrictions and far-reaching psychological consequences. A place that is open not only to hospital staff and patients but to the entire area, where Parents can spend time with their babies and find the right support to breastfeed them or even just change their diapers. A small area where hospitality and privacy are guaranteed on the ground floor of the Santissima Annunziata, in front of the hall.

« A meeting place for parents, family and children, suitable for girls and boys, where they can find again Enough space for those meaningful relationships made up of everyday gestures, in a protected and preserved environmentThe Chairman of the Single Assurance Committee (Cug) of the University of Sassari confirms, MARTA GALLINANCE GALLEN. « The goal is Create a network between entities in which these areas are located.

The creation of special spaces, dedicated to the reception of girls and boys to encourage parent-child encounter as well as the culture of breastfeeding, is encouraged throughWorld Health Organization (WHO) ByUNICEF. These are actions that public administrations see as providing a service to the community, also based on expressed needs and that take on the characteristics of positive actions and cooperative behaviors of the needs of breastfeeding and formula, and the relationship between parents and children.

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«This space – explains Gabriella TocconiChief Cug Aou Sassari – Opens to We welcome not only parents, but also company staff, university and studentsIn order to prefer the continuity of relations with their children. But it also represents A place where patients in our hospital can meet their loved ones“.Another step towards normalcy two years after the pandemic, given that only one family member can visit patients at a time.

“This union of intent – identifies the medical director of Aou di Sassari, Luigi Cogia – It is configured as an important sensitivity. It is the beginning of a collaboration that will, in practice, have other consequences. A project has been included in the Cug Aou program that aims to create a corporate nursery within our company. It is an important cultural step, to achieve it it is necessary to work.”

Vice President of the University, Andrea Pianadeclares that “this first rainbow space is just an example for others that the university intends to open, also with a contribution from the Department of Architecture, to identify spaces in the city to be restored and opened”.

Head of the Liaison Committee of the Faculty of Medicine at the University Hospital, Giovanni Sotjoemphasizes another, not neglected aspect: “For the time being, Many people who live parenthood quit their jobs to devote themselves to their children; While fewer and fewer are returning to work. Identifying solutions that allow you to live up to your parenting even in the workplace can increase a sense of belonging to the company you work for.”

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