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When do you pick it up at the post offices

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Poste Italiane has formalized the dates when it will be possible to go to post offices to collect December pensions in cash. Patrons will have to follow the calendar based on alphabetical shifts through surnames: let’s see it together.

selected beneficiaries Withdraw pensions in cash At post offices you will also have to follow up next month Dec calendar based Alphabetical alternation of surnames Made official by Poste Italiane.

Let’s see what they are in the next article in your place Where it will be possible to withdraw amounts.

Cash Annuities December 2022: Payments from the first

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As announced by Poste Italiane, the cash payments are worth annuities December 2022 will take off Thursday 1.

Next month tooAnd the Therefore, all retirees who intend to Withdraw cash at the counter They’ll have to show up at one of 12,800 post offices nationwide, according to Alphabetical alternation Posted outside every post office.

under the Evaluation To be followed for cash withdrawals at Post Offices December 2022:

  • Thursday, December 1 for surnames A through B;
  • Friday, December 2nd for surnames C through D;
  • Saturday, December 3 (only in the morning) for surnames E through K;
  • Monday, December 5th for surnames L through O;
  • Tuesday, December 6th for surnames P through R;
  • Thursday, December 7th. For surnames S through Z.

who choseRetirement credit to your bankHowever, you will have to wait for the first accounting day, which corresponds to the following month’s day Monday 1.

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