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Sky Sports presents, Spring Rocks: an opportunity not to be missed

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The season of all exclusives is about to start, so Sky Sports has a new proposal ready to boost subscribers

season soccerboth in Italy and in Europe, began its decisive phase, and Formula 1 World Championship It has just begun and the motorbike race is about to begin. there NBA In April he will start living the playoffs and there is more. What do they have in common? They are all awake Sky Sports who has an exciting new offer ready.

Sky Sport, spring rock progress –

a promotion It is for new customers and is valid until March 22nd. Satellite broadcaster Comcast makes a matching proposal Sky TV + Sky SportsBut one addition too XBOX S Series.

The offer foreshadows a closed price For 18 months at 30.90 euros per month instead of 45. For those who activate Sky TV + Sky Sport or Entertainment Plus (and therefore Sky TV and Netflix) + cinema viewing, the gift also comes into play. An email will be sent from Sky within 60 days of finalizing your purchase which will confirm that you can receive your XBOX.

From that moment on, there will be 7 days available for the customer to confirm their address. A second email from Sky will confirm console delivery which will be sent home within 180 days of activating the Sky contract.

Sky Sports, Spring Presents Rocks: All Sports to See

What does the discount plan include for new subscribers? Let’s start with Sky Sport: the customer will be able to watch all the matches on Champions League (121 out of 137 total) from now to the 2023 final and all next season. And again the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa Conference League. But also all weekends in MotoGP, Superbike and Formula 1 are always live.

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Then the NBA with over 300 games including the regular season, playoffs, finals, all-star holiday and more sports, From rugby to golf Which from 2023 has a dedicated channel again. Plus, instant news, insights and exclusive investigations with Sky Sport 24.

Sky Sport is a gift for subscribers (
Sky special gift –

Then there Tennis, with another dedicated channel (Sky Sport Tennis at 205), with Wimbledon, all the ATP Masters 1000 tournaments and more. According to the specialized website “Sport Business”, he dropped a bomb. Indeed, Comcast-controlled pay-TV would have bought the television rights to the ATP and WTA tournaments starting in 2024 for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and also Italy. Awaiting confirmations, it’s still a very rich package.

It’s not just Sky’s new sports offering: that’s what the Sky TV proposal entails

Instead, there will be on Sky TV the rest of the programming offered by Comcast pay-TV during the year. Starting from shows, TV series, documentaries, 24-hour news as well as productions Sky original.

A wide selection of Italian and international TV series, even simultaneously with USA and Sky programs such as Masterchef or X Factor to watch with the whole family. And again, a rich proposal for documentaries with history, current events, mysteries of nature, animal world and science.

Sky Sport last offer for subscribers -
Sky Sport last offer for subscribers –

Finally, always in the package is also Peacock, with all the hits of NBCUniversal, available on demand: new original and historical series, reality shows and movies. So it is a proposal that satisfies many tastes and many age groups.

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