March 22, 2023

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Those who loved Parasite and Squid can’t miss this amazing masterpiece that few know about

In the past five years in Europe and Italy there has been a great success of Korean cultural products. Music, movies, and comics from South Korea have actually been an unprecedented hit with the audience. Especially after the dystopian thriller Parasite won the Academy Award for Best Picture, many have discovered this culture full of suggestions. In the past year, then, with the release and viral success of Netflix’s Squid Game series, there’s been a real craze. The series offered a surreal deadly game to earn a huge amount of money. This violent game included several characters who gradually die and are defeated. Today we want to talk about a movie very similar to Squid Game. This is why those who loved Parasite and Squid can’t miss an exciting Japanese classic like this one.

An oriental classic made of school

Oriental films often feature extreme aesthetics in which violence coexists alongside poetry, fighting alongside romance. This feature makes Japanese and Korean cinematography unique in the world panorama. Perhaps this originality is also the secret that made it so popular in the West.

Many years before Parasite and Squid Game, the important Japanese director Takeshi Kitano He made a movie with a story very similar to the Korean series. We are talking about Battle Royale, which in 2000 featured on the screen a deadly game that also played on a desert island. The heroes of this challenge are the young students from a high school class, who have to challenge each other with asymmetric weapons. Each has a compass, a map of the island, and a different weapon. Only one will be able to win, survive and return home.

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Those who loved Parasite and Squid can’t miss this amazing masterpiece that few know about

Unlike Squid, this movie has a less surreal, grotesque setting and doesn’t contain a lot of sarcasm. However, the sheer violence on screen is very similar, even if the critique of capitalism is more veiled and less visible. Battle Royale is also intended to be a critique of Japanese society and social traditions. Another difference is that in the game Squid there is a protagonist with whom we sympathize, while in the Japanese movie this component is not present.

If we are hesitant We don’t know what movie to watch And we love the genre, Battle Royale is a classic we can’t miss.


This free-to-air series has been a huge hit among movie buffs