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This woman is a real mystery to science because she doesn’t have half a brain

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Our brain is truly amazing, and despite all the great discoveries and advances in medicine and science, we still don’t know it very well. In 2016, researchers found a very strange case indeed: One woman lost the left temporal lobe of her brainas if it were “parked”.

for example – This is the woman’s name to protect her privacy – Her condition was discovered in 1987, after a brain scan at George Washington University Hospital. It is believed that the left temporal lobe Responsible for human language processing. However, EG still, speaks not one, but two languages.

According to a 2016 study, the EG brain has found a way to Compensation with a fully functional language network It is located on the right side. “We find that, as expected for the initial damage to the left hemisphere, the EG has a fully functional right hemisphere language network and its language abilities intact.“You can read in the study.”We did not detect any verbal response in the left frontal lobe“.

The left side of the gray matter may have disappeared when the woman was still a child, Probably due to a stroke. It can be a family case, because the sister of the subject in question is also missing the temporal lobe, but on the right side. She doesn’t seem to have any problems either.

In short, a study that shows us two things: The amazing ability of our brains And how little we know about it. By the way, did you know that our brains make us live 15 seconds in the past?

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