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HtBo’s attacking duo Cus Padova Stasiouk-Sanasi awaits

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The A1 Field Hockey Championship is back, and at the Barcelona Sports Center there will be a special match as the hosts of the Bologna hockey team await the arrival of the Cus Padova. The rivalry between the two clubs, even if in terms of absolute fairness, was always heated. Today, moreover, Cus Padova will be led by David Tassi, one of the coaches who wrote the history of the sport, first as a Pilot Pen player, then as a player and coach of Cus Bologna (with whom he won several championships) and finally as a special coach for the hockey team.

Compared to the successes – many – achieved in the indoor season, Pietro Amorosini’s club has so far been unable to find continuity in the championship on the grass. But today, in the foreground, there are still two old Marbioni of the caliber of Sergei Stasiuk and Nikola Sanasy, better known as Cobra. In addition, in midfield, the two towers formation will be able to count on the physicality and talent of Innocent Mbabali. The opportunity to complete the overtaking today.

Mayo, Ehsan, Bruno, Delati, Raguchi, Barrera, Lago, Beoca, Seni, Milana, Stasiuk, Sanasi, Mbabali and Lesandro are summoned to this meeting.

Other races: UHC Adige-Città del Tricolore; Juvenilia-Potenza Picena.

Classification: Città del Tricolore and Juvenilia 9; Potenza Piceno 7; Kos Padova 6; Bologna 4 hockey team; Uhc Adige 0.

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