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His response to Comic-Con is blowing fans away

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there Criticism has crushed Morbius And now he’s also thinking about increasing the dose Matt Smith The one who spoke at Comic-Con in San Diego used not very tender words for the film with his recent co-star Jared Leto.

more than A custom painting for the house of the dragonthe HBO show in which Smith plays Daemon Targaryen, a fan took the microphone and told the actor, “Hey Matt Smith… It’s Morbin time! “. Smith immediately clarified that he did not follow the strange trend that arose on social media in any way, and thus responded with astonishment: “something?”.

The fan explained that this phrase was used by all the people who love Morbius and Smith, and somewhat surprisingly, he immediately excluded himself from that group. When a fan asked how his Morbius character would perform, Milo in Westeros of House of the DragonRepresentative response: “He’s a vampire, so he’ll struggle with this.” Then with a hint of seriousness, specifically regarding Sony’s film, to show his disappointment, he added: “I’m glad you saw a file A completely different movie from the one I saw“.

Morbius is back in the cinema But apparently, Matt Smith doesn’t seem to really enjoy this movie he’s in. Who knows if the actor will somehow be able to reevaluate it.

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