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This is what the perfect hug feels like (according to science)

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It may sound like a “nerd” study and get close to a scammer, but the ones he did University of London Goldsmiths Really tells us how it isperfect hug.

The study was conducted in two parts: the first took place on the university premises, the researchers recruited 45 undergraduate students and blindfolded them, one by one. Then the researcher entered the room and hugged each volunteer for 1, 5 or 10 seconds and in two ways, Pattern “Across” and “Neck Waist”.

In the first position, they both place one arm on their shoulder and the other under their partner’s arm. In the second, the researcher placed her arms under the participants. In total, each participant received six hugs. Everyone was then asked to rate the hug according to how much they felt and were especially emotional.

Overall, hugging style did not affect judgment much, but volunteers unanimously rated hugs lasting less than one second as the least enjoyable. And if 10 seconds seems like an awkward time to hug a stranger, that’s scientifically too.

So much so that while the participants initially reported this, when they entered into a semblance of confidence, they did not here report this feeling of alienation.

Two factors have yet to be investigated: what happens with a hug longer than 10 seconds and the sensations related to the pressure of the hug. Researchers believe thatIntimacy affect this too.

If the hug is romantic, [la pressione] It can be greater than more random

Julian Bakiser, a biological psychologist at the Ruhr University in Bochum who was not involved in the study reported

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In the second stage of the experiment, everything happened in the real world; Specifically, the researchers recruited 100 pairs of students who observed socializing on campus with hugs in public, and collected data about gender, height, and details of relationship romance.

Without asking the students how to hug, the researchers found that the hugging style was more popular, with 66 hugging styles out of 100.

Neither emotional proximity nor height had a significant effect on hugging style: however, the researchers noted that most participants were relatively close in height and speculated that the “neck-to-waist” pattern might be more common when heights varied more.

According to the scientists, however, the male-to-male preference for hugging was particularly interesting, confirming previous work that indicated people’s feeling of “equality” in this way. Moreover, intersectionality can convey closeness without adding a romantic subtext, as confirmed by interviews then conducted with volunteers.

But what, then, is the perfect hug?

The study argues that the safest and most enjoyable hug is Long 5 to 10 seconds with arms crossed.

Although – without detracting from the science – this is probably where we each feel the same. And on certain occasions, we probably wish the hug would never end.

The work was published in Acta Psychological.

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