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Chiara Frontini’s active space has opened in the Grote Santo Stefano

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Viterbo – “We are here to open the energetic space of Grotte Santo Stefano, a space that welcomes all the citizens of Grotte, as Casa Viterbo in Piazza delle Erbe is ready to be heard by all.
For us, welcoming the citizens into these places, which is about sharing and sharing, is an element of fundamental importance.”

The activities conceived and promoted by Chiara Frontini, candidate for mayor of the city of the popes, for the future of Viterbo and its hamlets continue.
Yesterday it was the turn of Grotte Santo Stefano and soon we will continue to go to S. Martino al Cimino, Bagnaia and Sant’Angelo in Teverina, Roccalvecce.

At 12 noon on Saturday 5 March an active venue opened in the Grotte on Via della Stazione 9, a new headquarters for political development based on listening to everyone’s needs. Thus, the places for participation and active participation of citizens are multiplied.

“The potential city has a major part dedicated to the former municipalities. We believe in the independence of the factions, and therefore, it is urgent to activate the regional councils. The regulation it provides was launched in 2012 and, except for brief parentheses, has never actually been implemented.”
Now is the time, according to Frontini, who then goes on to outline the highlights of her program and political project for Viterbo, focusing on a multipurpose space for associations to organize events and get-togethers.
We then move on to presenting the candidates on Grotte Santo Stefano:
“Katia Squarduzzi is our spearhead, always present here in the small village, businessman Marco Nunzi, building contractor Riccardo Vittore, lawyer Luigi Giusi.”

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Frontini adds: “It’s a passionate team that lives in the area and knows its problems very well. What will make the difference is: our group’s ability to represent citizens’ needs efficiently and without individualism.”

Chiara says she was honored that Sghar called her “the best mayor candidate in Viterbo” and considers the center-right premise united on a single candidate for mayor “science fiction”.

Finally, Frontini clarifies the need for a “clinic” that provides the main visits to citizens, guarantees assistance to those in difficulty and hopes for a better regular administration of the territory.

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