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“This is how we find jihadists hiding among civilians in Gaza.”

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Tel Aviv – Three Hamas terrorists who participated in the October 7 massacre in the Gaza Strip were captured. The cyber technician who exposes the use of hospitals as bases, hitting a hundred targets and evacuating civilians. The successes of the 504th, top secret, are employed directly on the battlefield to launch an unprecedented intelligence offensive. “So far, we have arrested more than 300 terrorists during the ground operation and they have been transferred to Israeli territory for investigation. The information obtained was essential to eliminate other terrorist activists,” a senior officer revealed. The “army” of spies and special forces infiltrating Gaza is also undertaking the “war” to control the population and evacuate more than 800,000 Palestinians towards the south. “Our goal is not to attack civilians; “But Hamas. We have activated a phone number on WhatsApp and Telegram to direct residents to move along the humanitarian corridor. Hamas is preventing them because it is using them as human shields.” Major Ella Wawiyeh, spokesman for Arab-Israeli intelligence, whom we met in Tel Aviv, explains this to the Journal.

The specialists from Unit 504 are attached to the army battalions advancing into Gaza. The technology department has provided the troops with a virtual reality program to show soldiers what the streets and buildings of Gaza actually look like when they approach Hamas. 007 fighters aim to arrest terrorists and then infiltrate them into a camp near the Strip, where they interrogate them to obtain information. This system allowed us to classify 300 targets, and about a hundred targets were actually hit by the Israelis. The 504th supports the troops in their advance by pointing out tunnels, arsenals and command centers in Gaza’s urban jungle, piece by piece. Not only to beat them, but to avoid deadly ambushes and booby traps.

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From the investigation clips that were published, it is clear that Hamas used hospitals as its bases. A young man wearing a Covid-style bank suit and plastic bands around his wrists says he was “in Al-Shifa Hospital. The doctors were angry at members of Hamas and other armed organizations inside the hospital, who in some cases were wearing medical uniforms. Another prisoner, Hamouda Raed Asad Shamala, an internet technician at the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health in Gaza, says that Hamas activists were present at the headquarters of the Palestinian Red Cross. I saw how they were covering the missiles with mattresses to hide them. For them, we were human shields.” The same case occurred when another prisoner was admitted to Rantisi Hospital.

Ella, the Arab-Israeli pioneer, shows Hamas videos on her cell phone, and the fighters are no longer dressed in ordinary camouflage clothing, as everyone is, but in civilian clothes. “You can see them carrying RPGs (anti-tank shoulder missiles) and they are wearing normal clothes,” the officer explains, “so they hide among the population, and if they die they are counted among the civilian casualties.” Another mission of Unit 504 is to evacuate as many Palestinians as possible. For this reason, Arabic-speaking cells made 30,000 phone calls to Gaza residents and sent more than 10 million messages via Telegram and WhatsApp. “More than 800,000 civilians moved to the south – Al-Raed confirms – and in many cases Hamas confiscated car keys to detain them. In Al-Rantisi Hospital there was a terrorist commander who prevented the evacuation of a thousand civilians.” Unit 504 eliminated him by transporting the Palestinians along the humanitarian corridor. However, spy commandos set up mass facial control cameras in an attempt to discover whether Hamas followers were also mixed among the Civilians heading south.

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