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The American plan, which Zelensky will not like

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When will the war in Ukraine end?? This is a question we’ve asked ourselves at least once for over a year, but as things stand, it remains unanswered, looking more and more like a real charade.

With the situation on the ground still at a standstill — the Russians are about to capture Bakhmut and the Ukrainians were going to launch their counter-offensive on the Dnipro, all with heavy losses for both armies — and diplomacy has been stalled for months, in addition to that time, it’s also hard to fathom how it could have ended. The war in Ukraine.

After all, if Russia advances, there will be one World War III Given that NATO would never allow Putin to take Kiev while, on the contrary, if Ukraine were to defeat Moscow’s army at that point, the Kremlin could create nuclear conflict So you don’t lose.

in this scenario loss loss For all of humanity, the unsettling thing is that there never seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel; However, this war cannot continue indefinitely, and it seems that something outside has begun to set in motion, because otherwise too Joe Biden would seriously risk losing the presidential election in United States of America It will take place in November 2024.

How will the war in Ukraine end?

when it comes to The war in Ukraine We must start from the axiom: without support United State – and therefore for the West – Kiev will not last more than a month in the face of the Russian offensive.

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Most European countries, with the exception of the United Kingdom, Poland and the Baltic states, keep the faith Single neck For their Atlantic commitments, the only desire is to reach as soon as possible to cease-fireAnd indispensable condition of peace.

In this authentically Ukrainian quagmire, the latest opinion polls came before US elections 2024 They’re having a hard time in Joe Biden against both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor who is likely to challenge the billionaire in the Republican primary. As a result, going to the polls as the war continues could prove fatal for the president.

How do you get out of this situation? According to the editorial that appeared in guardianL’In its counterattack, Ukraine should be able to regain control of only a few territories; Once the momentum has been exhausted, the United States can at that point lean toward a cease-fire in the hope that there will be a side from China.

In essence, the situation will crystallize, b Vladimir Putin, who will remain firmly in place while retaining control over the occupied territories, including the Crimea. Kind of An insult to Ukrainethat must fulfill the promise of international protection.

If this scenario, or something like that, occurs over the next year, Many Ukrainians will inevitably feel betrayed We read in the British newspaper. US President Joe Biden’s promise to do everything possible to push Russia back will not be fulfilled. Putin will remain in power despite his many crimes. However, whether we like it or not, This outcome seems the most likely“.

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A concept expressed a few days ago printing Also who Lucio Caracciolo:”Many in the American apparatus would like that Ending the Korean-style war within a year: North Korea – Ukrainian lands in the hands of Russia – given to Moscow, South Korea – the bulk of the country, under Kiev, guaranteed (so to speak) by the great powers. With the Europeans paying the bulk of the Reconstruction. Two utopias hardly make a reality“.

Will this be the end of the war in Ukraine? As things stand, this seems to be the most likely scenario, even if such an agreement would prove very difficult Volodymyr Zelensky And for the Ukrainians who, in a very difficult way, have been fighting for more than one year against a much stronger army like the Russian one.

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