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They pay you almost 1,000 euros to watch Fast & Furious movies: we reveal how to do it

They pay you almost 1,000 euros to watch Fast & Furious movies: we reveal how to do it

If your dream is to get paid to watch the movies you like the most, read this article and you will discover your life’s work!

For those who have not seen all the movies in this saga before fast and angryIt’s time to look into making one full immersion In the eight chapters of action movie And start making money too! Yes, because a job has been opened for those who choose to watch all of the movies in the supercar saga on repeat. Let’s find out how you can apply.

Fast and furious, it’s exciting (mondofuoristrada.it)

The different chapters of the epic The Fast and the Furious They have smashed epics for every movie ever made, becoming one of the most franchise With more hours of content, Total 20 hourswhich generated a fileCrazy watch. So covering them all and maybe doing it more than once may not be an easy task, however The salary is worth it.

Fast & Furious, a job for car nerds

Get paid to watch Epic The Fast and the Furious On repetitions with a salary ranging from $50 an hourThis is the job position that the company has offered to all who will apply for this position. financial buzz Is a media content and sponsorship company for Insurance companies It is investing heavily in an extravagantly ambitious project.

It will be the average salary for those who will apply and be selected for the open position 1000 dollars to watch it all 10 movies of the epic, making meticulous notes for each crucial scene in it Car collision, has catastrophic accidents and creates disasters in cities. The notes must therefore be full, because all films take this approach: scenes alternate in a continuous sequence Completely realistic and fictional car disasterswhich nevertheless has reasonable dynamics.

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Super racing car
The object of the offered post – mondofuoristrada.it

But then what would be the goal financial buzz In finding these people who will play such an extravagant role? The primary purpose of the project will be to reconstruct all the car crash dynamics found in the ten films in the series The Fast and the Furious, including details of the vehicles involved, pedestrians and other vehicles; Briefly full account Scene after scene is more than amazing procedures To answer the question: What would happen to our insurance premiums if we traveled every day like the characters in F&F movies?

Job access requirements

Take detailed notes of the incidents What happens in the film may seem absurd, but for those who know the series of films we are dealing with, they also know the difficulty they will face. who decides to apply. The 10 films, for a total of 20 hours, alternate stunning scenes from Disasters And accidents are among the most Fatal and unreal. Therefore, for application, the first prerequisite is patience lo and behold Observational spirit And Take care of the detailsThese two traits are essential for spending long hours in front of the television taking notes on road accidents.

Moreover, in the notes details, the candidate must also specify what insurance implications such an accident could cause and what difference in insurance premiums could occur! This means that in order to apply, you must have some Experience in insurance services.

Take all of those notes It may take a lot more than 20 hoursAs scenes that include many accidents are not enough just once Let’s look at them in detail. So be careful, because the salary is good, but it may require a commitment much higher than 20 hours of movies.

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However, the person who will fill this role will have the opportunity to attend the premiere of the brand new chapter, Fst & Angry X Which will be shown in theaters soon. questions To participate in the application can be sent via May 19, 2023Even for 11:59 p.m.