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There’s a high-voltage thriller on Netflix to watch tonight.

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Looking for a good Italian thriller on Netflix? This is a well-made movie full of great performances, starring the perfect Riccardo Scamarcio.

Very cohesive to the high tension and fear cinema of the 2000s, with dark but believable settings of rural Italy, though Netflix there Thriller which follows the ancient animism associated with the regions of southern Italy. It’s all filmed in the “Italian horror” version, with intense interpretations and scenarios that bring to mind old memories of a time that no longer exists, but nonetheless exists.

For those who like this genre, it is available on the streaming platform.LinkIt is a movie that was released in 2020 but is always talked about because of the very positive criticisms it received. Directed by A Dominic de Vodis On her debut, but highly acclaimed for this production that follows a very popular movie”Paranormal activityAnd all the best horror lore of the 2000s.

This movie is freely inspired by the book”South and magicDirector Ernesto Di Martino manages to create a crescendo of tension, setting the right amount of anxiety expected from a film of this type. There is no shortage of anxiety and fear, above all for good photography and good performances by the actors.

In our male leader role Riccardo Scamarcio, which is ideal for a film about the charm of the detective tradition, given its origins. with him my lordthe guy Giulia Patrinani, Mariella Lo Sardo, Federica Rossellini, Raffaella D’Avella And the Sebastiano Filocamo.

While the rest of the cast, being wholly unknown to the general public, cannot be linked to any other fantasy in a clear and decisive way, Scamarcio’s role is interesting, and generally more associated with a picture close to comedy, detective stories, and drama. . And he (also a producer) excellently supports the pure horror scenes, make-up, and creepy common thread.

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The story begins with a movement along the peninsula, but not from south to north, but on the contrary with a descent towards a culture consisting of pagan rituals, mystical cults and ancient curses that were associated with the rural areas of southern Italy. Thus, the narrative is nothing more than a classic reconsideration in light of Southern folk spirituality.


Watch the trailer and read the story

Francesco is determined to introduce his partner, Emma, ​​and her daughter, Sofia, to his mother, Teresa, who lives in an old villa surrounded by centennial olive trees in a small village in southern Italy. And so they begin a journey along the shoe to go to this seemingly enchanted place.

The woman has a reputation as a healer who is able to perform magical rituals on people. The big and luxurious house they arrived at is full of mystery.

However, the little girl begins to sense a strange presence, until she is bitten by a tarantula during the night. And from that moment on, Emma and her daughter will witness increasingly disturbing events.

Amongst the rituals, mysteries, and semi-magical manipulations, the whole supernatural nature of the situation is revealed and a crime that occurred in those lands many years before takes shape.

Meanwhile, the little girl shows worrying signs of illness and possession. In a dizzying crescendo of tension, Emma will try to escape, even if the sinister bond that is being created around her and her daughter seems to leave her no way out.

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