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The Alpine Hockey League, Unterland and Vipiteno season ends in overtime. Cortina wins away from home and Renon – FISG

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Evening splendid balance in the alpine hockey league with Three out of four matches until after platform time. Hockeys O’Neerland Cavaliers, Wittel Broncos, and Henstephan both finish the season. Both South Tyrolean teams, on their home track, go out with their heads held high and look until the last minute for their first quarter-final win, but have to surrender to their opponents. After nearly 80 feet of par, the Broncos took the lead at 24 seconds before the fourth siren when Latvian Polks 2-to-1 put the final 4-to-0 series in Jesenice. It was also a sweep of the Red Bull Hockey Juniors team that beat Wurth Arena 4-3 in an impressive comeback finish that was capped by Wimmer’s goals in overtime. also Renon should go beyond 60 minutes but in the end it is a victory for Boam over Kitzbühel with an extraordinary 1-0 thanks to Jake Cardwell. Instead, Cortina spreads Lustenau a 6-1 success that allows the Ampezzo players to go to their first match point in the series against the Austrians. The quarter-final matches continue on Thursday with the fifth match scheduled in Cortina (already decisive) and in Colalbo.

Renon wins in Kitzbühel with a single goal from Jake Cardwell in overtime and tie the series

After the single matches of the series between EC Die Adler Stadtwerke Kitzbühel and Rittner Buam SkyAlps ended cleanly, the two teams began a tough battle on Tuesday night, with goalkeepers in particular excelling. Renon goaltender Hayden Hocking had more to do in the first two periods than his counterpart Paul Mosher, who was playing his first AHL playoff game of the season as rookie Schmidt started ICE with Villach. Mocher and Hawkey both managed to keep their goal for 60 minutes and then the match went into overtime. But it took only three and a half minutes before the decisive goal was scored. First Robert Ohler’s shot was parried by Mosher with bouncers, but the rebound fell back to Cardwell who shot straight from long range to score. This allowed Rittner Buam to tie the game at 2:2 in a best-of-seven series even though Rittner did not score in 157 consecutive minutes. Now Thursday will be a battle for the first match point in the series.

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Cortina outlasts Lustenau 6-1 in a match that was unquestioned from the start and gets the disc for the first game of the series.

Cortina wins three pucks to reach the semi-finals. For the first time in this round, the away team achieved an away victory to go up 3-1 in a best-of-seven quarter-final. Early on, Tommaso Traversa scored again: top scorer Cortina opened the scoring in the first half on a powerplay. Cortina was always in complete control of the match and built a 4-0 lead in the first 40 minutes. In the end, the guests won 6-1, with a brace from Tommaso Alvira. So on Thursday, Ampezu’s team already had the chance to enter the semi-finals in front of the Olympico crowd. The only goal for the hosts was scored in the third period by veteran Dalves.

An 80-minute thriller gives Jesenice a ticket to the semi-finals

HDD SIJ Acroini reached the semi-finals. The Slovenes emerged victorious 4-0 in the best-of-seven quarter-finals but put up a long battle to secure a sweep on Tuesday. In the first period, Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan was still in the lead: Markus Gander for the first time gave hope that their season would continue. However, Jesenice responded in the second period on the powerplay. No other goals were scored in regular time. Only in the last seconds of the first overtime did Eric Bans decide to reach the semifinals. The Broncos, who struggled to make it to the Quarterfinals through the preliminary innings, must finish their season winless in the Quarterfinals.

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Salzburg’s victory, which qualified by three goals, to advance to the semi-finals against Unterland after Wimmer’s goal, 4-3.

Photo by Vanna Antonello

The Red Bull Hockey Juniors team took advantage of their first opportunity to reach the semi-finals. Meanwhile, it looks like the Unterland Cavaliers hockey team may get their first win in the Alpine Hockey League playoffs. Led by Santeri Harala – who scored twice – Unterland built up a 3-0 lead until the 26th minute. Then the winner of the main round put the turbo on and equalized – among other things with a brace from Germany’s Thomas Heigl – until the 51st minute. In extra time Philip Wimmer decided to reach To the semi-finals of the Red Bull Hockey Juniors. Unterland Cavaliers Hockey should wrap up a decidedly positive and above expectations first season in the Alps Hockey League but without a winning quarter finals finish.

Alpine Hockey League | 03.14.2023 | Quarterfinals – Game 4:

EC Die Adler Stadtwerke Kitzbühel – Rittner Buam SkyAlps 0:1 OT (0:0,0:0,0:0,0:1)
Referees: Moschen, Ruetz, De Zordo, Seewald J.
The chain is linked: from 2 to 2
RIT Goals: 0:1 RIT Cardwell J. (63:24/Quinz S., Insam M./EQ)

EHC Lustenau – SG Cortina Hafro 1:6 (1:2,0:2,0:2)
Referees: Lazzeri, Schauer, Christelli, Issel.
Cortina advanced in the quarter-finals by 3 to 1
EHC Targets: 1:0 EHC D’Alvise C. (51:49/Hayes R., Wilfan M./EQ)
SGC targets: 1:1 SGC Traversa T. (07:36/Saha M., Zanatta L./PP), 1:2 SGC Cuglietta D. (17:51/Zanatta L., Saha M./PP), 1 : 3 SGC Saha M. (29:32/DI TOMASO G./EQ), 1:4 SGC Lacedelli R. (31:20/Traversa T., Seed J./EQ), 1:5 SGC ALVERA ‘T. (41:55/Cuglietta D., Seed J./EQ), 1:6 SGC ALVERA ‘T. (56:10 / DI TOMASO G., Cuglietta D. / SH)

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Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 1:2 OT (1:0,0:1,0:0,0:1)
Referees: Holzer, Vierta, Rinker, Wimler.
Jesenice wins the quarter-final match 4-0
WSV Goals: 1: 0 WSV Gander M. (10:28 / Maylan J., De Lorenzo Meo L. / EQ)
JES goals: 1: 1 JES Svetina E. (35:23 / Logar M., Pance E. / PP), 1: 2 JES Pance E. (79:36 / Logar M., Svetina E. / PP)

Hockey Unterland Cavaliers – Red Bull Hockey Juniors 3:4 OT (1:0,2:2,0:1,0:1)
Referees: Polovik, Beni, Arlik, Bergant.
Salzburg wins the quarter-finals 4-0
HCU targets: 1:0 HCU Wieser F. (13:31/Nyman L., Markkula M./PP), 2:0 HCU Haarala S. (21:32/unassisted/EQ), 3:0 HCU Haarala S. (25:21/ Markkula M., Brighenti T./ EQ)
RBJ targets: 3: 1 RBJ Bader Q. (28:18/Heigl T./EQ), 3: 2 RBJ Heigl T. (31:30/Bader Q., Schreiner V./EQ), 3:3 RBJ Heigl. T. (50:38/Assavolyuk D., Bader Q./PP), 3:4 RBJ Wimmer P. (62:41/unassisted/EQ)

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