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Christian de Sica and the explosion at the Rome Film Festival: “Great robbery!”

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Christian de Sica allowed himself to go into a tumultuous vent as a guest at the Rome Film Festival: that’s what he referred to and what his words were.

The son of art and artist with such talent and absolute empathy. Christian De Sica is one of the most beloved actors of the Italian public. His father, an Oscar winner and an icon of the history of our country, desperately wanted him to graduate, and despite the talent that appeared at an early age, he always wanted to focus his interests on something else. However, the call was very strong and seemed to pay off.

After a forced “hiatus” due to the pandemic that has moved away from cinema for reasons we now know widely, shows are slowly starting again. Too bad, or fortunately depending on the point of view, however, that the rise of a slew of streaming platforms is increasingly turning people away from the idea of ​​going into the room to watch the latest releases. In this regard, the Romanian actor at the Rome Film Festival immersed himself in a series of sayings related to this dynamic. Here’s what his words were.

Christian de Sica comments on cinema and the current situation

Christian De Sica, guest of the Rome Film Festival, spoke about his upcoming Christmas movie, which will be distributed for the first time in a live broadcast rather than in cinemas. The veteran of “cinepanettoni”, the man allowed himself to go into a resounding revolution due to this change of course by one of the greatest advocates of the current big screen in Italy.

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“Movies after a month you already see them on TV and this is a big steal. I made a Christmas movie and it will be shown on the podium and not in the cinema. Should I do it in the room? Nobody can see it? This is the only country in the world, and in other countries , they all resumed going to the cinema, and here they resumed going only to the restaurant. Let’s hope it changes. First of all they should also improve the cinemas because they are now chicken cages”.

Harsh but honest words testify to De Sica’s frustration with a situation that clearly never would have happened. Perhaps his call will be heard and accepted because it is a very sad reality in a country like ours that has made the history of world cinema.

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