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There is already an “anti-melon” fleet.

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Since last January, maritime NGOs in Italy have landed more than 10,000 migrants. 22% of all departures from Libya came to us thanks to smugglers. This year, with Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese, we’re back in records. The Ministry of Interior recorded the arrival of 79,647 people by sea until yesterday. And the estimates, if we don’t put a stop to it, anticipate 91,500 landings at the end of the year. “If it continues like this on Tuesday, with 1,150 people arriving in one day, we will also surpass that number,” explains a source from Giornale on the frontline. The fear is to go back to 100,000 landings, as in the worst years of illegal immigration by sea. The NGOs immediately declared war on the Meloni government, ready to do battle with a fleet of about twenty ships, small and large, as well as three reconnaissance planes also taking off from Lampedusa. Since the beginning of the year, they have brought 10,031 migrants to Italy (9,945 left from Libya and 86 from Tunisia). Currently, there are 384 more immigrants aboard the Ocean Viking, French Suss Mediterranee and Insanity 1 at the reception of the German Taliban.

The Minister of the Interior, Matteo Bentidosi, does not want to give in to NGOs that are challenging states. Prime Minister at the time of Matteo Salvini in Viminale, he was the one who technically managed the policy of closed ports and the fight against illegal immigration, which had obvious effects. In 2019, there were only 11,471 arrivals. The following year they tripled (34,154 landings) and exploded in 2021 (67,040) with Luciana Lamorgese in Viminale.

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On Tuesday, two large, old fishing boats, carrying more than a thousand people, arrived from Cyrenaica. At least one left from the Tobruk region, near the border with Egypt. It is no coincidence that the first nationalities of the arrivals were Egyptians (16,371), who surpassed Tunisians (16,292) and immigrants from Bangladesh (11510). Everyone does not flee from war zones. The latest arrivals to Italy from Bangladesh say they paid $7,000. The Egyptians 4 thousand and the Syrians 6500 for the entire trip.

At sea there are three NGO ships and the others are waiting for “change” moored in the ports of Sicily and Apulian or in Spain. Sea Watch 3 is the only one being held. The intentions, including political ones, are clear: On the day of the appointment to form the government for the FdI leader, Sea Watch International launched its first tweet. “Liz Truss (British Prime Minister, Editor) resigned today after only 45 days. We hope that the new Italian Prime Minister, Meloni, will have a similar and excellent career.”

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