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THERE – Festival of Sciences and Arts – from 17th to 21st June at Villa Lazzaroni – EZ Rome

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Getting Back There – Festival of Science and Arts The theme of this second edition is Space – Center – Suburbia: From rediscovering places to the relationship between ideas and disciplines, to experiencing scientific and cultural marvels, across all ages

Saturday 17th to Wednesday 21st June – Villa Lazzaroni | Rome

Five days of free experiential events, performances, meetings and workshops for audiences of all ages that combine artistic and scientific experimentation with the wonders of discovery, music, theater and debates about the present and the future. Guests include mathematician Luigia Carlucci Aiello (considered the “mother” of artificial intelligence), linguist Vera Gino, journalist and data curator Donata Colombro, philosopher Luigi Cimati, biologist Flavia Zucco (founder of the Society for Women and Science), and filmmaker Nicoletta Nessler (author of Lunàdigas). , or Women Without Children), architect and Stoker co-founder Lorenzo Romito, actors Valerio Aprea, Simone Liberati and Riccardo Pucci, and the troupe Il Muro del Canto.

Giordano Bruno, in his book De la Cossa, wrote one principle: “The universe is all center and all periphery”: Space is infinite and contains infinite worlds. A revolutionary idea, capable of going beyond the individual part – or the individual discipline – which will serve as the leitmotif of the second edition of OUT THERE – a festival of sciences and arts whose theme this year will be Space – Center – Suburbs. From Saturday 17 to Wednesday 21 June, the event will once again welcome visitors of all ages in the large open area of ​​Villa Lazzaroni in Rome (Via Appia Nuova 522). Five days of completely free events – organized by the Insieme di Scienza Association and Teatro a Vista – in a rich schedule of events that will combine music, theatre, meetings with women scientists and workshops for children to discover the thousands of facets of beauty and facet wonder.

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The festival was initially born to continue the work promoted by the Association of Science Groups with children of the southeastern suburbs of Rome: itineraries of critical investigation of reality between STEM, theater and music and which this year also expanded into a more complex context such as the prison of Frosinone, through a series of encounters that managed From the unification of art and science, two spirits from the outside. “After the success of the first edition, this year we have chosen to present the program from three to five days, broadening the scope of vision, broadening the mix between artistic and scientific disciplines” explained Edwige Pezzoli of the Insiemi di Scienza Association and Francesca Rizzi of Theater on the Horizon. The chosen idea comes from the revolutionary vision of Giordano Bruno which then found its expansion in one of the greatest theories of the twentieth century, general relativity. A distortion of our vision of space, which has transformed from a solid and passive structure in which we are immersed into an active and dynamic vision, capable of distortion, bending and stretching. A little over a hundred years ago we discovered that in this space there are other galaxies besides our own, that space itself is expanding, and there is no longer any location in the universe for which we can say we are the center of it. And with the festival, we will go to discuss the relationships between the parts – spatial, conceptual and holistic – to build a dialogue between complementary and different looks, such as the looks of science and art ».

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The events will take place in the garden of Villa Lazzaroni, in order to fully enjoy the beauty of the garden, including a gazebo, a stage, experimental and multimedia spaces, and a library area for readers of all ages. Evening performances will take place in the adjacent town hall, which can also be used in case of bad weather, ensuring full programming. This year afternoons will also be devoted to performances and workshops for children and teens (every day, until 6pm) which will be followed by theatrical and musical performances and dialogues with internationally renowned scientists and award-winning advocates in the artistic world, as well as performances specifically dedicated to space exploration and topical issues. accurately.

SOME EVENTS AND GUESTS CONFIRMED TODAY: SCIENCE, ART, SOCIETY – a meeting linked to the theme of margin and inclusion born from the experience of a permanent theater laboratory in Frosinone prison – with the Branchie Teatro company, Claudia Fasolato, Il Moro del Canto, Sophia Tremontini, Director Daniela Angelucci (17 /06, 18:00). and again LA TREGUA by Primo Levi with Riccardo Pucci (06/17, 7.30pm); At the Roots of Intelligence with Simone Liberati (06/18, 6.30pm); In Search of Boundaries with Luigia Carlucci Aiello, Teresa Numerico, Raffaele Petrala, moderated by Davide Coero Borja (06/18, 7:30pm); Together and the Summit with Stefano Mainetti, Lorenzo Romito, Francesca Tria, moderated by Felice Simati (06/19, 7.30pm); Where did they all go? With Silvia Gallierano, Vera Gino, Flavia Zucco conducted by Roberta Fulci (06/20, 7.30pm); Lunadigas with Nicoletta Nessler (6/20, 9.00pm); Inside the Algorithm with Donata Colombro (6/21, 6pm); Imaginary Facts with Valerio Aprea, Gabriele Gesellini, Teresa Numerico, moderated by Paolo Magliocco (06/21, 7.00pm).

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Là Fuori Festival is a project organized by the Associazione Insiemi di Scienza e Teatro a Vista, in collaboration with the Istituto Comprensivo Rita Levi Montalcini, the European project AHEAD2020, WeSTEAM Italia, Shot Astronomico, Le Scie Fisiche, Science Breath. The initiative is supported and sponsored by MUNICIPIO Rome and sponsored by the National Institute of Astrophysics. The project to win the VitaminaG tender within the program funded by the Youth Policies of the Lazio Region with the support of the Youth Department.

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