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The choice of music in the supermarket is not accidental: how it affects people

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Music in the supermarket not only aims to make customers relax, but also has other well-thought-out purposes. Here is what they are in detail

Often when you go to supermarket We happen to hear a small voice from music. More or less current songs are being broadcast from the stores’ speakers, but not for that reason at random. In fact, even if a few people think about it, the pieces listed do not have a clear intention only to make the time spent in Food.

There tooanother specific purpose Which if you stop and think is completely honest and logical. Let’s dig deeper, though, considering potential countermeasures.

Music in the supermarket: How it affects consumers

File types and size music They are actually exploited to try to get the customer to spend more. For this many owners supermarkets They prepare some Playlists with soft songs or the latest phrases In a way that entices people to stay longer in the store.

This results in increased spending. Perhaps because of the good mood a certain song brings you, you end up buying unnecessary or unnecessary things. On the other hand with larger vans One gets the impression that he didn’t take all that was required and inadvertently goes back around the lanes and ends up “entrapped”.

but There are several ways to try to resist these temptations. The first thing to keep in mind is that the cart does not necessarily have to be completely filled. The fact that its size is macroscopic can and should only help when there is a need to make a very large purchase.

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Regardless of music It is good not to stay too long inside a supermarket. Once you are satisfied that you have taken everything you need, you can easily go to the cash desk to complete the payment formalities. But the crucial step that allows us to be practical and pay attention to this point is Make a preventative list of what is really needed. By following the letter, you avoid any kind of distraction, both musical and non-musical. So it’s better to waste a couple of minutes before leaving the house than to spend a few extra euros for things you don’t use or wear out. In short, there are a few simple tricks to keep in mind to save money and win one Smart and thoughtful spending.

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